Can I be frank with you? This ministry costs a lot of money and time to manage. My family has been relentlessly targeted. We have had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to relocate our family and settle in another area of the country, on top of which, we have monthly security fees, identity protection fees, website costs, legal fees to deal with stalkers and harassment, equipment for the channel to purchase and maintain, not to mention the 100s of hours a month poured into this ministry, heart and soul, from my whole family.

We are not able to monetize YouTube, or this site you’re reading now. We were taken off Patreon and even ZoHo as well, for no reason.

We need help to keep this ministry alive so we can continue to provide information and inspiration for traditional living. Your support also helps me write my series of books on TradLife, I’m hoping to have the first one out in early 2018 but it takes time and money (editors). Thank you so much and God  bless you!

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