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Amazon has approved me to be an affiliate marketer! Not only can I make a few pennies when I recommend a product I use and love, but I can direct you to independent and ethical sellers on Amazon who would love your support! We don’t have our own platform for a service like Amazon yet but we can maximize what’s available to the greatest benefit of our movement! God bless!

Vintage Hepburn dress, comes in many colors! Click here!

Do you even Jerusalem’s cross bro? LOL Let everyone know you could Deus Vult at any moment! Click here!

“Get a shoe you can run in.” That’s what we were told before the free speech rally. These were the shoes I bought. They’ve served me amazingly well, and I’m always ready to run from antifa. Click here

In this sign, I will conquer. Women’s T-shirt. I feel fierce in all the right ways when I wear this with a cute smock dress. Click here!

Mommy, my toes sparkle pink! What little girl doesn’t feel fabulous in these? Click here!

He looks like Doctor Who when we go to church. Cutest boy in the congregation! Get the whole look including news boy hat, and suspenders. You know you love knickers! Click here!

My favorite yarn. Comes in so many combos, it’s 100% cotton and best of all, super affordable. Click here!

This natural shampoo is the key to my hair growth success especially after having six babies! Click here!

Doll houses are a great way for your daughter to experience the joys of domestic life. Play like daughters with a purpose. Click here!

Every special occasion needs homemade cookies. That’s my motto! Why not get a set of durable cookie cutters to match any season? Click here!

Madeline. Before there were feminists, before the genders were fluid, before plastic toys we’re the norm…there was simply Madeline. Click here!

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