“Death to America” Chanted by Washington Post Contributor

I think I will frame any articles the post has written about me, or will write about me in the future. Apparently, they have gone full-blown evil and it’s a badge of honor to be on the wrong side of evil.

Conservative Review is reporting…

Less than two months after he was given prominent op-ed space in the Washington Post, a video has surfaced of Houthi rebel leader Mohammad Ali al-Houthi launching a shoulder-fired missile and then reciting the Houthi slogan, which calls for ‘Death to America.‘”

Read the full story here.

Make no mistake, most of the fake news, mainstream media believes in the chant “death to America” as well as “death to Western civilization, death to whites and death to Christians” whether the dream it out loud or not.

From their Trump derangement syndrome to their promotion of radical Islam, mass immigration, their lies about Charlottesville and their near refusal to cover the massive violence happening in minority and immigrant communities and countries; “Death to the West” might as well be the slogan for the whole industry.

Trust in the good, trust in God #ReclaimNormal

Traddy New Year, fam!

January is stalking awareness month. This is just a note of encouragement to all the #Christians, all the #conservatives, all the #traditionalists and all the #normal, #healthy, people who live in daily fear of #cyberstalking by the radical-left.

Have #NoFear. Be #strong. Stand #proud. Stand #together.

Find someone or something you can support. Focus on the #good. Focus on #God’s call.

Let the tyrannical maniacs crawl the internet looking for stories to be outraged about, looking for people to lie about and defame. Let evil burn itself out. Let it starve for attention.

Never trust the #fakenews media.

Put your fellow man first, always, above the institutions who rob us.

#Trust in the good, trust in God.

Put one foot on front of the other every day and continue to #ReclaimNormal!

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#ReclaimNormal, Sunday Spotlight, “I will never apologize for being a comedian!” Terrence Williams Proclaims

Terrence Williams is a popular Youtuber who makes response videos to crazy news stories. He leans conservative and has no problem with stereotypes even going so far as to start Go Fund Me to buy fried chicken.

He recently made a video criticizing the crazy behavior of a trans man who threw a violent temper tantrum after he claims he was misgendered. The Trans man threatened to physically injure those present and damaged some store goods.

Because Terrence dared to criticize a trans person, the outrage mobs are coming after him hard. He isn’t apologizing though, and God bless him!

This is how it is done folks. Each one of us stands up to the lies and to the hate, one at a time. We refuse to back down and we refuse to apologize and as we do, we empower the person next to us to do the same.

We Reclaim Normal.

In the World but Not of It

I just wanted to take a moment this Sunday to ask you all if you have listened to that still, quiet, voice made today? Have come to the cross and left the world behind?

I wish I could say that I am always perfect in this regard -oh this world has such a pull! But for a moment today, in church, I felt like I caught a breeze. For a moment I was floating above -in the world but not of it.

As the new year rapidly approaches I’m making a commitment to listen to that still small voice more, and catch all the rise-above-waves God sends me.

I hope you had an amazing Sunday. God bless. ♥

Facts Are Pesky Things

File this one away for next year. 😉

Tasha Tudor on Housework

“I enjoy housework…” she begins, and I remember why I love that woman! God rest her soul ♥

Fresh Sheets

Friday was bedroom day.

Fresh sheets and blankets, folded to fluffy perfection.

Wood floors swept and scrubbed, windows wiped clear, dust banished for another week.

Hubby and I hit the sheets with the satisfying feeling of crisp and clean. Aaaa! 😍

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Crafting Share!

Hello! This was my #Saturday! Isn’t he cute? A couple at church recently had a baby so I knitted him this little guy. My 4-year-old just had to give him one hug. Just one, she told me, before I packaged him up. He’s 100% cotton with pure wool stuffing ♥ #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knit #knittingaddict #knitknitknit #knitting_is_love #knitters #tradlife #TraditionalWife #TraditionalLife #SaturdayNight #love #loved

Ancestry Update!

Ancestry recently updated/refined my DNA results. (This occurs as they get more samples over time and can narrow things down a bit more).

It was a stunning change though as most of my “Europe West” was changed to British Isles/North Western Europe. It still aligns really well with my family history which I already knew to be overwhelmingly British/Norman/Dutch.

They increased my Irish quite a lot though and then took away my Greek and Iberian and added Norwegian and increased my Swedish.

All in all, pretty shocking.

My oldest son and husband’s tests refined in nearly the identical way except my son is now considered 99% British Isles/North Western Europe! 😱 Incredible since his ancestors have been in America since (by some accounts) before the May Flower! A dozen or more generations, all British/Dutch! No one bred with a Pole, a Ukrainian, a Greek, a Russian.


The thing is, his results aren’t unusual. America was not begun as a nation of immigrants. Until very recently in our history, we came from what Ann Colter has described as a “postage stamp sized piece of land” – that being the British Isles and the far edges of northwest Europe.

Don’t get me wrong, in general, I have NO PROBLEM with the fact that immigration to America opened up to other groups like Germans, Russians, Greeks, etc. My point is, America was not founded as a nation of worldwide immigrants. With incredibly rare exception we were British Isles/Dutch for hundreds of years. That was our founding stock, and what’s more, our founding culture.

I’m happy to be sharing that culture with all Americans but newly arrived immigrants need to assimilate to the Christian British/Dutch culture of America’s founding.

In America we do not have Sharia law, we do not remove Easter from our calendars and put on unpronounceable holidays from non-Christian faiths (Apple, I’m looking at you).

In America we do not perform genital mutilation on our baby girls (and we shouldn’t on our boys either, that’s a whole other conversation).

In America we are a constitutional republic and we value free speech so much we would die for it. We are capitalists and men of industry. Amen!

Update (clarification) 1.1.19

I’m talking about the founding of America as a country, which was pretty much done in New England by British/Dutch men using British/Dutch principles, morals, language, culture, laws, philosophies, etc.

The structure and foundation of our country is British/Dutch but the beauty of that model is that just about any European Christian can easily assimilate to it which is why so many of them thrived here upon arrival.

It’s also a set up that made it easy for non-Europeans and non-Christians to assimilate when they wanted to do so, which they no longer do (in general, there are always exceptions) and hence, many of the issues we have now, where not only do they refuse to assimilate but openly hate our founding culture, values and people.

My Saturday Morning

Watching my husband work on our electric fence while our #greatpyrenees bounds in between his legs on this wet, rainy, #winter, #saturdaymorning.

God bless men!

I am inside, warm and cozy, doing the breakfast dishes. My hands plunged into hot, soapy water with glistening bubbles while he battles the rain and freezing mud. Women never had it hard. We are spoiled creatures. ♥

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Girl Defined Ministries; Reclaiming Normal

If you don’t know about Girl Defined Ministries check them out on Youtube.

This year they have been the target of many progressive hate groups, just for being…well…normal healthy girls who love and serve God!

That’s it!

They have been cyberstalked and terrorized by the far-Left.

However, they are amazing examples of standing up against the hate-mobs with true angelic grace.

Please visit their website to check out their end of the year fundraiser so they can continue to #ReclaimNormal in 2019!

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Tradstream: Cabin Nationalism

At the end of this stream I talk about my great-grandfather. Here he is….

Great-grandaddy Basil, this is where my blue eyes come from. Someone asked me about them in a live stream on Youtube just a bit ago and I said I would post a picture. He was an amazing man. He died in his 90s so I actually met him when I was a child ♥ #blueeyes #greatgrandparents #granddaddy #folk #kin #family #heritage #ancestors #maga #virginiafarmer

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