Saint Maximus Coloring Book

I have created a Saint Maximus coloring book for your family to use to learn about the life of this amazing 7th century Saint who endured so much for the truth of Christ.

You can download the free PDF here —> saintmaximus


Ayla, is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, home birthing, mother of six children. She holds a Master’s degree and is a former college liberal whose pro life and pro family values, along with the grace of God, led her to TradLife over a decade ago.
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10 Year Age Challenge

Age Challenge! This is a viral social media challenge.

Ok, this took me forever to do for several reasons.

First, because I’m being stalked I had to remove nearly all my old photos and old accounts from online. But around here we don’t let stalkers/lamestream media win! We #ReclaimNormal! ♥

I did have the old pictures saved on a computer but it blew up two weeks ago! LOL! But I doggedly searched and finally found some photos from *almost* 10 years ago.

They are actually from 9 years ago but that was the best I could do LOL!

The 3 pics on the left are of a young mom of 3 children, just entering her 30s, the two on the right are of a mature, wiser (I hope! LOL!) mother of 6 who will be 40 in March! Yikes!

I became a Christian at the age of 29 so the past ten years have been the most amazing adventure following where the Lord led me and forsaking EVERYTHING to do what’s Godly instead of what is worldly.

And while the Devil has wailed and gnashed his awful teeth, God has never left my side and just when things looked darkest He would reveal to me *why* I was going through what I was, and most importantly, how I could take that experience and use it to help other people.

Helping others, in turn, blessed my life and the joy has been multiplied beyond my wildest dreams! I can truly say, that finally, at nearly 40-years-old, all of the deep roots and wisdom of Christ and nation, which were so thoroughly torn and gutted from me during my childhood days of public school and MTV, have finally been replanted, have taken strong root, and are growing full, lush and green within me such that I feel like a fairy, as if light and life shines from my fingertips as I go about my day.

God has returned me to myself – a self stolen so very long ago.

Watch “Tucker Carlson Baby Challenge!” on YouTube

Restocked Store! Handmade Items!

My store is stocked with new merch, fam!

Embroidered tea towels, baby dolls and candle holders. As always, I appreciate your support and allowing me to be part of your #tradlife journey!

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Highlights from Trump’s Oval Office Address Tonight

“Illegal immigration is a matter of the heart and soul.”

“Women and children are the biggest victims of illegal immigration.”

“The wall will be paid for, indirectly, by our great new trade deal with Mexico.”

“This situation can be solved in a 45-minute meeting.”

“We don’t build walls because we hate the people on the outside, we build walls because we love the people on the inside.” (We are memeing national policy into reality, y’all!)

“This is a choice between right and wrong, justice and injustice.”

-President Trump’s address from the oval office January 8th, 2019

Tucker Carlson’s TradLife Monologue,”If you want to put America first, you’ve got to put its families first.”

Tucker’s January 3rd, 2019 monologue had many wiping away a small tear of joy. Someone is saying it, someone with a large audience is finally saying it!

“We’re ruled by mercenaries who feel no long-term obligation to the people they rule.They have no skin in this game, and it shows.

“They can’t solve our problems. They don’t even bother to understand our problems.

“What kind of country will it be then? How do we want our grandchildren to live? Those are the only questions that matter.

“The answer used to be obvious, more prosperity, meaning cheaper consumer goods.

“But is that still true? Does anyone still believe that cheaper iPhones or more Amazon deliveries of plastic garbage from China are going to make us happy?

“They haven’t so far. A lot of Americans are drowning in stuff, and yet drug addiction and suicide [are] depopulating large parts of the country.

“Anyone who thinks the health of a nation can be summed up in GDP is an idiot.

“The goal for America is both simpler and more elusive than mere prosperity: happiness.

“There are a lot of ingredients to being happy. Dignity, purpose, self-control, independence – above all, deep relationships with other people. Those are the things that you want for your children. They’re what our leaders should want for us and would want if they cared. But our leaders don’t care.

“If they did care, they would insist that the American economy serve American families…”

Later on he continued;

“This is negligence on a massive scale. Our mindless cultural leaders act as though it’s still 1961, and the biggest problem American families face is that sexism is preventing millions of housewives from becoming investment bankers or Facebook executives.

“Not all commerce is good. Why is it defensible to loan people money they can’t possibly repay, or charge them interest that impoverishes them? Payday loan outlets in poor neighborhoods collect 400 percent annual interest. Are we okay with that? We should not be.

“Libertarians tell us, ‘that’s how markets work: consenting adults making voluntary decisions about how to live their lives. Okay. But it’s also disgusting. If you care about America, you ought to oppose the exploitation of Americans, whether it’s happening in the inner city or on Wall Street.

“If you really loved your fellow Americans, as our leaders should, it would break your heart to see them high all the time – which they are. A huge number of our kids, especially our boys, are smoking weed constantly. ‘Oh, but it’s better for you than alcohol,’ they tell us. Maybe. Who cares? Talk about missing the point. Try having dinner with a 19-year-old who’s been smoking weed. The life is gone: passive, flat, trapped in their own heads. Do you want that for your kids? Of course not.

Romney paid an effective tax rate of 14 percent whereas upper middle-class wage earners pay a tax rate of nearly 40 percent.

“No wonder Mitt Romney supports the status quo. But for everyone else, it’s infuriating.”

“Unfairness is profoundly divisive. Divided countries are easier to rule, and nothing divides us like the perception that some people are getting special treatment.

“In our country some people definitely are getting special treatment. Republicans should oppose that with everything they have.

“What country do we want to live in? A country that actually cares about families, the building block of everything.

“Any economic system that weakens and destroys families is not worth having.

“If you want to put America first, you’ve got to put its families first.”

#ReclaimNormal: Social Media a Faulty Product?


Matthew Herrick is suing Grindr using the unique claim that they are a faulty product.

Matthew’s ex-boyfriend used the dating app to create fake profiles and send men to Matthew’s place of employment to harass him.

Matthew tried to have Grindr remove the fake profiles for violating Grindr’s ToS but that didn’t work. Next he filed a restraining order against Grindr itself. He filed 14 police reports. Still nothing, so he is using consumer protection laws, claiming Grindr is a faulty product, the same way you might claim a poorly made blender injured you.

If Matthew succeeds in his suit, it could have wide-reaching implications. It could mean media and apps would have to enforce their ToS on fake and harassing accounts but it also may make the same sites clampdown harder on everyone.

Either way, this should be interesting as we see online harassment, bullying and stalking reach levels that are forcing courts to act.

Read more details here.

#ReclaimNormal #stalking #stalkingawarenessmonth #cyberbullying #Cyberstalking


Wearing #PurpleForKayla today.

She was such a darling little girl and would have been 12-years-old but she was brutally tortured and murdered in the ongoing, undeclared, ignored-by-the-media, war in #SouthAfrica.

May her memory be eternal!

Much thanks to @traditionalmike for putting this social media campaign in her honor, together.

God save the Boer!

#FarmMurders #TellHerStory #NeverForgotten #MakeAStand #TellTheTruth

Launching My #HushedHome Campaign

New year, new campaign!

Along with my #ReclaimNormal campaign, in 2019, I will be focusing on helping you (and me!) build independent, faith-filled, homes, using solid, Biblical content as well as Holy Tradition.

Get ready for posts, videos, blogs and other content based on the #HushedHome! ♥

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“To Be American is to be British.” Says Vox Day

In this video, author, editor and publisher, Vox Day, makes the case that “American” is an ethnicity and that ethnicity is British.

It’s an interesting furthering of the idea Ann Colter made famous a few years ago, that America is not a nation of immigrants since it was settled and created by people from a “postage stamp” size area of the world – that being the British Isles and Holland.

Now, Vox is speaking for himself here. Neither him nor I are advocating for kicking non-British people out of the country or stripping them of American citizenship or anything ridiculous like that, so no one freak out please.

I thought this was an interesting discussion particularly the subtly between a “nation” and a “state.”


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