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Discover the ART-Right: Creativity in Furtherance of Reclaiming and Preserving America for Americans, the Traditional Family, and Conserving European Heritage

By Mina Therese

The last three novels I read for enjoyment were well-written, had compelling plots, and held my interest til the end. What bothered me though was that each one had a gay character. The homosexual character was not the main character, and there was no explicit sex (I actually don’t read anything overly explicit, that’s just not my thing) but the gay chum was present and universally accepted and not introduced until I was heavily invested in the story. With self-proclaimed homosexuals making up only about 3% of the population, why would three fluffy summer reads each have a gay character?

The answer is, of course, to normalize perversion.

Also notable were the not-so-subtle SJW undercurrents in one of these novels. Included were a “diverse” set of characters, a descendant of a maltreated refugee, and miscegenation. (SPOILER ALERT: PLOT POINT REVEALED AHEAD.) I like to read science fiction and thought I’d enjoy a fantastical tale of a lady mathematician who falls for an alien fella. One doesn’t learn until about two-thirds of the way in that this tall, strong, smart, and handsome E.T. is on the lam after destroying a wall built on his homeworld to prevent one group of inhabitants from fighting—and breeding—with another group. Hit me over the head with a brick with your homo-open-borders agenda, SJW novelist!

Many easily-accessible modes and genres of creative expression are dominated by the shrieking hordes of cultural Marxist, anti-White, pro-degeneracy zealots. What to do?

Here are just a few creative trailblazers in various forms of pro-White, dissident-right, pro-tradition art.

White Art Collective

I stumbled upon the White Art Collective on Gab. This website points discerning consumers of creative alternative content to hard-right, pro-White independent content creators as well as providing articles, music videos, movie reviews, and thoughtful insight into our modern societal catastrophe.

In addition to being a place to curate, cultivate, and consume alternative art, White Art Collective is also helping artists partner with other creators and patrons for collaboration, funding, and resources to continue their work.

Most exciting to me was learning that this organization is hoping to organize an annual art festival! Do check out the website.

The Mamas and the Pepes

Another gem found on Gab, the Mamas & the Pepes, bill themselves as a “dissident duo” and record parodies of recognizable tunes and original songs. No karaoke tracks for these two, those are self-played instruments you hear on these tracks. (Although they confess to using a drum machine on occasion.)

The songs are short and sweet. While most are silly, some juxtapose snarky lyrics with horrifying images of Islamic and domestic terrorism, targeted murders of police, hate crime hoaxes, and degeneracy. An original titled Pride & Privilege is a serious lament exposing the fallacy of “white privilege” and the accompanying slideshow features poor and working class whites, often forgotten in the pervasive mainstream narrative.

As time went on, the duo took their music more seriously and a noticeable uptick in quality of recording (and songwriting) is evident in their later songs. Their first digital album is available at BandCamp, but also check out the slideshows on their GabTV channel.

Shannon Montague

Fine artist, crochet creator, second amendment activist (former Executive Vice President for Gun Rights Across America), alt-millennial mother, homemaker, and homeschooler.

Shannon is busy! In her own words, “I’ve created art pieces on all sides of all spectrums, including but not limited to political cartoons, band art for the Mamas and the Pepes and a Jewish Pepe for a Circumcision documentary. I sketch and doodle, make digital cartoons, crochet frog hats, but mostly I paint on repurposed items. The items I paint are mostly Dia de los Muertos themed. However, I live very close to Mexico in West Texas, and it doesn’t seem so random with that added knowledge. I also write in my spare time, but I haven’t tried to publish anything yet.” SPARE TIME you say, Shannon?

She also homeschools her three children. She told me, “The number one reason we chose to homeschool is because I could. Why not offer my children the best education they can have? When I homeschool my children, they are receiving one on one attention for every subject. They also get extras like engineering and ecology lessons and unlimited field trips. My daughter is learning to play the mandolin this year. There are no politics in my classroom.” But you can bet there is plenty of creative expression in her home. “My children are always drawing or painting, but right now their main focus is engineering items from scraps. Today, we made a boat.”

Find West Texas Artist, Shannon Montague at:


There are alternatives to the mainstream—seek out and support the art that supports you, your family, your nation, and your goals.

“Onward America” Made Me a Meme…

….and I couldn’t be more proud 😁 I am truly blessed and undeserving of having such amazing people in my life who are fighting this fight with me. ❤️🇺🇸 MAGA

Keep The Light of Christianity burning bright

As we continue our reading of The Benedict Option I was reminded of one of the most fundamental things we as Christians should be doing.

From page 96:

A friend of mine who led a wild, hedonistic life converted to Christianity after seeing her brother’s genuinely happy family and knowing the light in their faces and the love in their hearts came from faith in Christ. She told me ” I realize later that I just needed somebody to give me permission to be wholesome.” As the West declines into spiritual acedia, there will be more and more people who are seeking something real, something meaningful, and yes, something wholesome. It is our mandate as Christians to offer it to them.

As this world continues to spin out of control with the destruction of the traditional family, the loss of a moral compass and the erosion of Christian values in the wider world, we must remember that when people are at their darkest point they will seek a way back out of where they find themselves. They will seek out and find the light of Christ which will intern guide them to us and to our churches.

When these people come among us we must remember that they are coming from what appears to us to be a very dark and potentially sinful place, they will walk in the doors of our churches with a lot of baggage and their presence may make us feel uncomfortable.

We must remember that they have come to us to for help them so we may assist them get out of the place they are in. We must extend to them the hand of love just as Christ would do if he were standing in our place.


Acts 26:18 reads:

“To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.”

As the world continues to darken, the brightness from the church and from us as Christians will shine brighter than ever. We have to be the light unto the world and keep the candle of our faith burning bright so they many may come unto Christ and find the peace and love that we already have.

(Guest Post) Reclaiming Femininity, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Skirts

Reclaiming Femininity, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Skirts by Mina Therese

– “Are you from Little House on the Prairie?”

– “What about yard work? Winter? You going to wear skirts and dresses then, too?”

– “Why don’t you just wear pants?”

Gentle reader, I have heard all of the above (and many more along the same vein) since I began wearing skirts and dresses exclusively five years ago. Far from being an oppressive tool of the patriarchy, I find wearing decidedly feminine clothing beautiful, comforting, and freeing.

Many like-minded women I’ve met share some of my reasons for adhering to classically feminine clothing choices: tradition, femininity, and modesty.

Foregoing masculine attire started as a Lenten discipline for me. In addition to my other observances, I elected to follow a devotion to classically feminine dress. I initially viewed this as a personal, but visible, promise to God to live out the roles he chose for me as daughter, sister, wife, and mother. The results of this six-week discipline were both unintended and surprising. I noticed during that Quadragesima that I carried myself differently. I was more poised, had better posture, felt (and hopefully looked!) pretty. Contrary to the current cultural cacophony that demands acceptance and celebration of genderlessness, sex flip-flopping transgenderism, and other perversions, I was determined to display the differences and complementarity of the natural born sexes in my manner of dress. I had decidedly set myself apart from my brothers. I felt… womanly.

After celebrating Easter, I found I had no desire to return to pants, trousers, khakis, jeans, or shorts. My commitment to wearing skirts and dresses had extended into regular day-to-day life. Having grown up a short-haired, scruffy tomboy—but one who loved wearing dresses to church on Sundays and to birthday parties—this was a departure from my long-established norm. Despite this, the continuation of my Lenten discipline was natural and effortless.

I celebrate my womanhood by making the conscious, personal choice to don dresses. By doing so, I have reclaimed my God-given, natural-born femininity that decades of feminism has demanded I relinquish and abhor. Listen to me feminists, wymyn, grrrls, xilrs: I am woman, hear me roar.

And, finally, to answer the questions posed at the outset:

  • “Are you from Little House on the Prairie?”

  • No, ma’am. I love the skirts but not churning butter, thank you very much.

  • “What about yard work? Winter? You going to wear skirts and dresses then, too?”

  • I have denim “work skirts” for gardening and lovely, long fleece skirts for wintertime (coupled with fleece-lined tights and boots I’m probably warmer than my sisters in single-layer denim jeans.)

  • “Why don’t you just wear pants?”

  • Because I don’t have to.

*Author’s Note: If you liked this foray into feminine counter-culture, next time I’ll tell you all about veiling at church and how it is absolutely nothing like wearing a hijab, niqab, abaya, or burka.

New Mini Illustrations Up in My Shop!

New art minis up in my shop! Just in time for autumn!

As always, thank you so much for your support! Click here!

This Is Why I Do the Work I do

This beautiful picture has been making the rounds on social media. I relate with it a lot because the couple seems to have had six children, like me, who went on to marry and have many children (hopefully also like me).

They took this beautiful shot of their kids and grandkids and this was the response on the internet. Pure hate.

Despite the fact that white people do not currently have children at a replacement level (meaning more of us are dying than being born, and we are literally headed for extinction) and despite the fact that the vast majority of the earth’s population is non-white and Africa’s population is slated to EXPLODE over the next century; the average Westerner has been taught that this, white people breeding, is evil.

Imagine for a moment if this was a black family. They would have received none of these horrible comments.

Mary Coloring Pages

Tomorrow is a celebration day in many different Christian churches. It is seen as either a day to remember Mary or the day she died (and in some traditions was resurrected).

If you are part of a tradition celebrating tomorrow we wish you well and would like to share with you some copyright free coloring pages for you and your kids to enjoy in celebration of Mary, Mother of Jesus.

And I will put enmity

between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel. Gen 3:15

But when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?” 1 Cor 14:54-55

BREAKING NEWS! The crackdown escalates!! Orthodox Christian, comedian, and commentator had his entire Word Press site DELETED!!

Jay Dyer, of Jay’s Analysis announced today that his entire webpage has been deleted!!

As the Media Begins Its Blitzkrieg of Lies About Charlottesville, Remember to Forgive

Forgiveness doesn’t mean acceptance of wrong action and it doesn’t mean to passively lay down and not defend yourself, your family and the truth.

However, please, as we move through this weekend where outrageous lies are being told about the original meeting in Charlottesville, as well as all the gatherings around the US of faithful patriots, don’t hold anger in your heart against the liars – hold truth and forgiveness only.

Forgive the media who are under the spell of the diabolical. Take pity on them, many of whom live daily surrounded in sin and can see no way out. Pray they come unto Christ.

Continue to defend your people, your heritage and your right to exist but let’s do it the right way, with clean hearts, full of love and forgiveness.


Thank You Mr. President for Looking Honestly at Charlottesville and Seeing Past the Lies

I am glad to have a President who doesn’t cave to Antifa violence and mainstream media extortion. We need to heal our country from ALL hate and evil.

The current, overwhelming, trend in hate and evil is coming from those who think white people, white culture, Christian people, Christian culture and traditionalists, should no longer exist and they use violence to terrorize our country and communities.

Dear God, have mercy on us. 🙏

I very much agree with what Baked Alaska said on his Instagram. These are my sentiments as well and praise be to God that he didn’t lose his sight!

The Benedict Option, Due Date for Page 77 is August 10th!

The first “due date” for The Benedict Option book club is tomorrow! You should be up on page 77! I hope you are enjoying reading with us and sharing with us on social media about your thoughts and progress! ♥

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