Martinstag Printable PDF Illustration!

Are you ready to get your paper lanterns and tell the tale of Saint Martin? This cute illustration can be a decoration, a teaching aide, a prop for a Sunday school lesson, a reminder of your culture and heritage, etc. So many uses and only 99 cents! Can’t beat that!

The Revolution Will Nit Be Televised because the Revolution Won’t Happen

My latest column for New Media Central can be read here.

New Watercolors! Winter Vignettes

Check out my Esty Store here and, as always, thank you so much for your support!

Ayla Stewart, Wife With a Purpose, Is NOT On Twitter, At All, As of Nov 3, 2018. All Accounts Claiming to be me, Are Fake

Twitter Suspended Me Again, I Didn’t Even Use My Account. All Accounts on Twitter Claiming to Be Are FAKE.

As most of you know I have a Twitter account but I almost never use it. Why even have an account after they suspended me for no reason (literally, they cited no reason) last year? Well, it was because after the de-verifying me last year, numerous fake accounts sprang up and I wanted people to be able to at least read what I have said for myself.

You see, despite the headlines and rhetoric, I haven’t said or done anything that the Left accuses me of. I don’t cuss, I don’t attack people. Nothing. I wanted people to see that my message was for all people and that it was Christ-centered.

Despite never breaking any terms of service, on my first account, @apurposefulwife, or my latest account, @aylawife, Twitter suspended me and allows people to use their platform to create fake and photoshopped lies about me, in addition, they allow people to threaten my family and stalk me.

Twitter allows death threats to my children and allows people to post my address, pictures of my home, etc. Then it allows them to run scam accounts claiming to be me, which insight hatred and lies.

If my family ends up murdered by one of these psychopaths, Twitter not only allowed it to happen on their platform they ENCOURAGED it. I’m not being hyperbolic here. Twitter knows exactly what they are doing.

The Left is in a mad dash to clear house and silence everyone. I’ve always said I originally got online to show women there is a different option, that they can choose the life of a happy homemaker and wife but the Left literally wants total, tyrannical, control, where young women are not given ANY alternative options.

I will not rejoin Twitter. As I said, I basically never used my account anyway. It was just a placeholder to help speak the truth about who I am, but the Left can’t stand the truth.

God knows the truth. The Left can’t touch me. They can’t touch my children. They can drag us into the street and kill us, as they have literally threatened to do, and we will be received into the arms of Jesus.

They have no power at all and that infuriates them.

New Art! Folk Style Christmas!

Folk Christmas

Tree of the North

Will we have to flee far north, in the cold, snow and ice where our ancestors once flourished? Or will we hold our place and traditions here? This piece draws our mind to a time behind us as well as a future before us -led by who we are. Signed by the artist. Makes a great gift for a fan of Wife With A Purpose 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

New Video! Our All Hallows Eve!

Hope you had an amazing Halloween/All Hallows Eve! My family was blessed with a very traditional and family-focused, God-focused, evening.

Just an FYI, since it’s been brought up in the comments of the Youtube… There are no pagan origins to Halloween. Yes, Christians may celebrate it. Europeans had harvest festivals, that’s it. No Halloween.

Samhain isn’t a pagan God, Samhain just means “summer’s end.” Actually, source what you read on the internet, you will find the “pagan origins” of Christian holidays has NO EVIDENCE.

It was made up in the 1800s and then really promoted in the 60s and 70s by atheist academics who hate Christians. Halloween is a CATHOLIC holiday mixed with some lantern carving brought from Ireland and some merrymaking brought from the Guy Fawkes tradition in Britain. It’s not pagan.

This doesn’t mean pagans can’t celebrate it an attempt to reclaim ancient harvest festivals, just don’t tell Christians we stole it, and Protestants, don’t tell people not to celebrate it because it’s “pagan.”



Ayla, is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, home birthing, mother of six children. She holds a Master’s degree and is a former college liberal whose pro life and pro family values, along with the grace of God, led her to TradLife over a decade ago.

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Tonight! Live! I will be appearing on Red Ice Radio’s live Halloween stream!

I will be appearing on the Red Ice Halloween live stream tonight at 6 PM EST.

Breaking News: Gab under attack – Free speech threatened

In this increasingly censored and controlling world we are regretfully used to hearing and seeing reports about individuals being deplatformed.

Some recent examples are Faith Goldy & Red Ice TV being shut down from PayPal

Brittany Pettibone banned from Instagram

Plus our very own Ayla has been closed down on numerous platform most notably Twitter in December 2017

However when a platform that promotes their platform as a free speech platform is endangered then we have some serious concerns.


Gab is a social media alternative to the likes of Twitter. It is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which began operations in August 2016 and has been growing stronger ever since despite the efforts of others to hinder the growth and development of Gab.

However a few hours ago Gab tweeted from their official account @getongab that their new hosting provider was pulling the rug out from under them which effectively shuts down their platform


Despite this massive setback, you can see from their tweets that Gab intend to continue to fight for free speech.


From the look of it, Gab may have made strong moves forward to secure their platform


In a recent post on Gab Ayla said: “Gab is important. Gab is changing the whole world for the better. There will be increased attacks on Gab, trying to smear it and take it down. Love Gab, pray for Gab, ask God to protect Gab.”

Both Ayla and I have accounts over on Gab and do all that we can to support them. To follow Ayla and I on Gab please visit the followiing:

Gab is a vitally important platform to have. We need to do all we can to fight for it and protect it. It is literally a bastion for free speech without it many voices would be snuffed out and not be heard at all.

BREAKING! Twitter Locks LifeSite News for Reporting on Rising STDs Among Homosexuals

“First they came for The Daily Stormer, and I did nothing…” may very well be written in our future history books – if Western civilization still studies history, that is.

Just three hours ago LifeSite News, a wildly popular, Catholic, pro-life, news organization was locked out of its Twitter account for reporting on the STD rise among gay men back in 2014.

Read my full report at this link…

Vote for Faith Goldy!

Toronto has the most amazing, dedicated, talented and SMART mayoral candidate running right now. She is a dear friend of mine, Faith Goldy.

Mr. Steve “You can’t restore your civilization with someone else’s babies, white baby challenge” King himself has endorsed her! Amazing!

Here is my favorite video of Faith and I together. Enjoy, and vote for Faith!

New Art Up! American Patriarchy. Heck ya!

New art up in my Etsy store. I love this one so much, I almost kept it for myself. American patriarchy. Heck ya!

New Art! Raindrops…

It’s finally cooling off and starting to rain after a long, hot, summer! Invite this cooling painting with its childlike charm, into your home today!

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