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The Romanov Diaries: Tsar Nicholas II part 2

As we continue our look at the lives of the Romanov family through their own writing we gain an insight into the deep and loving relationship between Nicholas and Alix


Sept. 20th 1914. Oh, my love! It was hard bidding you goodbye and seeing that lonely pale face with big sad eyes at the waggon-window—my heart cried out, take me with you.… I came home and then broke down, prayed—then lay down and smoked to get myself into order. When eyes looked more decent I went up to Alexei and lay for a time near him on the sopha in the dark.”

18 November, 1914. My beloved Sunny and darling Wify.… I have read your sweet, tender letter with moist eyes. This time I succeeded in keeping myself in hand at the moment of parting, but it was a hard struggle.… My love, I miss you terribly—more than I can express in words.… I shall try to write very often, as, to my amazement, I have come to the conclusion that I can write while the train is in motion. My hanging trapeze has proved very practical and useful. I swung on it many times and climbed up it before meals.

25 November, 1914, in the train. My beloved, darling Sunny!… We [he had taken with him on his journey Nikolai Pavlovich Sablin, his aide-de-camp and one of the closest members of his retinue] are passing through picturesque country which is new to me, with beautiful high mountains on one side and steppes on the other.… I sat for a long time at the open door of the carriage and breathed in the warm fresh air with delight. At each station the platforms are crowded with people, especially children … they are charming with their tiny papakha [fur caps] on their heads.… The train is jolting terribly, so you must excuse my writing. After the hospitals I looked in for a minute at the Kouban Girls’ Institute and at a large orphanage dating from the last war, all of them Cossack girls.… They look well and unconstrained, here and there a pretty face.… This country of the Cossacks is magnificent and rich; a large number of orchards. They are beginning to be wealthy, above all they have an inconceivably high number of small infants. All future subjects. This all fills me with joy and faith in God’s mercy; I must look forward in peace and confidence to what lies in store for Russia

28 February, 1915. My beloved darling!… I was so happy to spend those two days at home—perhaps you noticed it, but I am foolish, and never speak of what I feel. What a nuisance it is to be always so busy and not to have an opportunity for sitting quietly together and having a talk! After dinner I cannot stay indoors, as I long to get out in the fresh air—and so all the free hours pass, and the old couple seldom get a chance of being together.

We will continue to bring you excerpts from the diaries of the Romanov family as we remember them this month. Please stay tuned.

Lauren Southern arrives in Australia

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Continuing our coverage of Lauren Southern’s visit to Australia we can report that she arrived in Brisbane, Queensland to begin her time in the country.

She arrived earlier today and has already made her presence felt in a very good and strong way. Disembarking from her flight she was wearing an It’s Okay To Be White t-shirt


Already this has sent the leftist Australian media into a frenzy.

SBS reported her arrival by saying “Controversial Canadian anti-immigration activist Lauren Southern arrived in Brisbane ahead of her speaking tour, and she didn’t take long to stir up controversy.”

news.com.au took a slightly less extreme view on it: Right wing Canadian activist Lauren Southern has touched down in Brisbane ahead of a speaking tour later this month sporting an “It’s okay to be white” t-shirt

Lauren herself said when arriving in the country “It’s a pleasure to land and see Australia upholding it’s commitment to free speech and Western culture – something that may not be here for much longer if the left-wing Australian politicians continue their pathological worship of multiculturalism” 

She also made an appearance on Sky News Australia where she proudly declared she is happy being white.

You can find the dates for Lauren’s tour with Stefan Molyneux here Tour information

Plus will be continuing our rolling coverage of the tour as it happens around the country so stay tuned.

Welcome to Wife With A Purpose

Hello & Welcome.

You may be visiting us today for the first time as a result of Ayla’s appearance as a special guest with Jesse Lee Peterson. You might now be wondering who Ayla is and what does she do. Please allow us to take some of your time and show you who she is and what Wife With A Purpose is all about.

Ayla is a traditional homemaker and mom to 6 children. She is a Christian and a nationalist, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in German with a minor in Anthropology. She also holds a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality.

In September 2015 Ayla founded Wife With A Purpose Ministries. She began to work on several social media platforms with the view to spread the positive influence of Christianity and the benefits of living a traditional lifestyle.

We provide a forum which brings together people interested in God’s plan for happy families and wives dedicated to traditional homemaking. It also serves youth interested in an alternative to feminism and liberal ideology through articles, social media posts as well as instructional and informative YouTube videos on a variety of social and political subjects.

In July 2017 Ayla was joined at Wife With A Purpose Ministries by Traditional Mike. He began by assisting with some behind the scenes work, soon however Mike was assisting in other ways. He now writes articles for our website plus he posts on social media working in with Ayla across many platforms.

At the beginning of this year we launched a series of month long campaigns. Through our series of monthly campaigns we provide insight and inspiration on a ranger of subjects. These have included themes such as Our Children, Wilderness Revival & Righteous Fatherhood.

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Ayla and the work we do. If you did please stick around and join us on our journey.


Land expropriation public comment results have been released

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Recently a call for public comment was made by the organisation Dear South Africa with regards to the proposal by some members of the South African parliament to amened section 25 of the constitution and some clauses. These amendments would allow for land expropriation without compensation to occur to white farmers effectively leaving them destitute.

White famers in South Africa face a number of challenges including sever drought, a lack of feed for animals and the constant threat of farm attacks, many  of which end in farmers being badly injured or murdered.

A total of 229,857 comments were received from the public by Dear South Africa. Each comment was sent as a unique email to the official representative of the Constitutional Review Committee.

The number of submissions in favour of changing section 25 was 100,308.

The number of submissions against changing section 25 was 129,549

Dear South Africa hand delivered all the comments to Parliament before the closing time on Friday 15 June.

The Constitutional Review Committee is tasked with reviewing section 25 and other clauses.  The committee will make recommendations to Parliament, in the form of constitutional amendments. The deadline for this is the 30th of August.



The Romanov Diaries: Tsar Nicholas II

The first in a series of articles showing the lives of the Romanov family through their own writings.



20 October, 1894. My God! My God! What a day! The Lord has called our adored, precious, fiercely beloved Papa to Him. My head is spinning. Don’t want to believe it. It seems so unlikely, this terrible reality! We spent all morning around him. At about half past 2 he took Communion. Oh, Lord! I stood at the head of his bed for more than an hour holding his head. The death of a saint…. (Nicholas on the passing of his father Tsar Alexander III)

The Wedding of Nicholas and Alix

13 November, 1894. Anichkov. At 11 we went to mass in our dear church. It was both sad and painful to stand there … knowing that one place would always remain empty. Words cannot express how hard it was and how sorry I feel for dear Mama!… Saw my dear Alix at tea. Then said goodbye to her at 8. We are not to see each other anymore! Until the wedding! It still seems as if all this were leading up to someone else’s wedding. Odd under these circumstances to think about one’s own marriage.

14 November. My wedding day. After coffee with the others went to dress. Put on my hussar’s uniform and at 11.30 went with Misha to the Winter Palace. Troops all along Nevsky. Mama and Alix. We all waited while they completed her toilette in the Hall of Malachite.

Finally she appeared: she wore a silver dress and a diamond necklace, and over her shoulders lay an ermine-lined, gold brocade mantle with a long train. On her head rested a tiara blazing with diamonds. The new empress.

At 10 minutes after 12 the entrance into the Great Church began, whence I returned a married man.… We were presented with an enormous silver swan from the family. Alix and I changed clothes, got into a Russian carriage, and went to Kazan Cathedral. A sea of people in the streets.… An honor guard from the Uhlan Life Guard Regiment was waiting in the Anichkov courtyard when we arrived. Mama welcomed us with bread and salt.… All evening we answered telegrams.… Collapsed into bed early, since her [Alix’s] head had begun to pound.


The birth of Olga

3 November 1895. Friday. A day forever memorable for me, during which I suffered much! At 1 in the morning dear Alix began having pains that would not let her sleep. All day she lay in bed in great torment, poor thing. I could not watch her calmly. At about 2 in the morning dear Mama arrived from Gatchina. The three of us—she, Ella, and I—were with Alix constantly. At exactly 9 we heard a child’s squawk, and we all breathed freely! A daughter sent by God, in prayer we named her Olga….

6 November. In the morning admired our enchanting little girl. She doesn’t seem like a newborn at all because she’s such a large child and her little head is covered with hair.

Emperor And Daughter

Please stay tuned as we bring you more diary entries from The Tsar and his family throughout the month of July.

Press Release: Ayla appearing on Jesse Lee Peterson

For Immediate Release:

We are very pleased to announce that Ayla will be a special guest with Jesse Lee Peterson as part of his White History Month campaign.

She will be appearing with Jesse at 10am EST on Thursday the 12 of July.

You can find Jesse’s channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/BONDActionInc

South African man murdered Police delay investigation

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

*Please note the contents of this article may distress some readers. Discretion is advised*


On Monday the 2nd of July at around 5:45pm Lize Moreland of Olympus, Pretoria, South Africa returned home to the security village of Christopher’s Place where she and her husband of 18 years lived.

Mrs Moreland entered their home expecting to find her 46 year old husband Ronald inside. When she didn’t find him she searched around and found him laying on the ground in the garden.

“He looked as if he was asleep with his hands on the side, but as I moved closer I saw blood and realised something was wrong” Mrs Moreland said

Mrs Moreland became hysterical yelling out to her neighbours for help as she saw that her husband might be dead.

She said that her husbands body was severely bruised, with blood everywhere and there were cable ties fastened  around his neck.

“He had cable ties around his neck and bruises on his forehead as though he had been dragged and beaten. He was brutally attacked and he really did not deserve it,” Mrs Moreland said while sobbing.

She believes that the state in which she found her husband suggests that he was the victim of a murder.

The mother of two said her husband was a very kind and calm person who always wanted to do good for others.

“He was never aggressive or a fighter. I don’t see who would have wanted to kill him,” Mrs Moreland stated

Larochelle Nel, Mrs Moreland’s daughter said: ” My Mom isn’t coping well, she’s lost half her soul. She’s angry”

20430156_10212592647383869_6502262431030553556_nThe Moreland’s on holiday in Greece in 2017

Police spokesperson Captain Johannes Maheso said police could not open a murder case until they were certain of what the cause of death was.

It has now been 8 days since Mr Moreland was killed and at this stage the police still have not opened a murder investigation despite the cause of death being rather obvious to most people.

Please keep Lize, her children Larochelle & Martin and their entire family in your prayers as they struggle with this extremely difficult time.

Lacey Lynn Proves That Housewives Are Smarter Than New York Times Opinion Piece Writers. #TradLife #TradWife

The amazing Mrs. Lacey Lynn has put together a rebuttal on the New York Times hit piece on Tradwives and she did a marvelous job!

Thank you Lacey, for digging into this, doing the research and providing us with the facts.

As one of the women targeted and lied about in this hit piece, I am very grateful you took the time to get the truth out about all of us.

Breaking News: Lauren Southern granted visa to enter Australia

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Yesterday here on this site I wrote an article updating the situation on Lauren Southern coming to Australia. News had broken that she had her visa application rejected.


I am extremely pleased today that I can report to you all that after public pressure The Australian Government has announced that both Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux  have been granted Temporary Activity (subclass 408) visas

The Department of Home Affairs issued the following statement:

111Axionmatic Events who are hosting the pair in Australia released the following:


This is an excellent result and proves that the power of free speech is alive and well in Australia.

Nicholas II: Did he abdicate?

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Did the last Tsar of Russia Nicholas II really abdicate the throne as is widely thought?

According to the official line of history on the 15th of March 1917 Nicholas II issued a statement with his intent to abdicate the throne in favour of his heir Alexei. However it was pointed out the Tsarevich would not live long without his family around due to his health problems. Nicholas then named his brother Grand Duke Michael as the next Emperor. The Grand Duke refused and the Russian Monarchy was no more.

However there is another version of events which seems to indicate The Tsar never abdicated the throne at all.

The principal research officer of the Russian History Institute at the Russian Sciences Academy Vladimir Lavrov PH.D believes the abdication of Nicholas II may not have occurred at all.

Mr Lavrov gives the fact the original document of the abdication did not survive  as one reasons he believes the abdication may not have happened.

Mr Lavrov goes on to say “Firstly they say that the document kept in the State Archive of the Russian Federation is the original. But it is absolutely clear that it is not the original”

He calls into doubt the copy of the document held in the archive by stating that it was written without a letterhead which was customary  for any royal communications. He also said it was signed in pencil and it is addressed to the chief if headquarters, and minster for the Emperor’s court, Count Vladimir Frederiks, who certified the Tsar’s signature, said during his interrogation that the signature was forged.


Another account calls into question the abdication of Nicholas II. This one coming from The Tsar himself as written by his eldest daughter.

A diary entry made by Grand Duchess Olga on the 13th of November 1917 while the family were imprisoned at Tobolsk in Sibera recounts a conversation between Nicholas and several others regarding the truth of his “abdication.”

Sitting by the fireplace in the living room were Tsar Nicholas II, his daughter Olga, Evgeni Kobylinski, commander of the guard, Vasili Pankratov, a former political prisoner and convert to Socialism, and a Dr. Friderenski, who had replaced Dr. Eugene Botkin months before at Tsarskoye Selo.

In an idle moment, Pankratov turned the chat to the subject of the abdication of the Tsar. The history books tell us that Tsar Nicholas II abdicated on March 15, 1917 (the Ides of March). In Russia, the revolution newspapers had reported the abdication. And so, that late afternoon of November 13, 1917, Pankratov and the others were startled when the Tsar said, “I never abdicated.

All those present, including the Grand Duchess Olga, were stunned. “How can this be?” asked Pankratov. “This gives the lie to all we know.” Kobylinski, agitated, looked at the Tsar and said, “Perhaps you can explain.” Dr. Friderenski, astonished, exclaimed, “My God, then the history is not only changed, it is turned upside-down!”

“Exactly. It is inverted,” replied the Tsar, who then began to explain the true facts.

“First, you must understand the criticisms and intolerance of the Grand Dukes, my relatives, and of the military commanders. If this revolution has succeeded, it is not due to the revolutionaries but to the plots hatched in the salons of St. Petersburg and amongst the top generals.” the Tsar continued to say.

After the assassination of Grigori Rasputin, a religious confidant of the family, in December 1916, the Tsar had left St. Petersburg and returned to the front lines of Russia’s war with Germany.

At that time, in St. Petersburg, all had seemed to be under control. It was only around March 8, 1917 that telegrams from Mikhail Rodzianko, Chairman of the Duma, and Mikhail Belyayev, Minister of War, provided the first hints to the Tsar that there was trouble back in St. Petersburg.

Around this same time, direct communication with the Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna at Tsarskoye Selo suddenly became impossible, with the excuse that there were serious problems with the telegraph lines. Tsar Nicholas II received false, and even treacherous assurances from persons such as Sir George Buchanan, British Ambassador to Russia, indicating “nothing serious” in St. Petersburg.

At the front lines, surrounded by traitors whom the Tsar mistakenly believed to be his friends, Nicholas increasingly was cut off from reality.

On March 13th, the “friends” of the Tsar persuaded him to take a “special train” back to Tsarskoye Selo, on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, so he could better control chaotic events in the then Russian capital. En route, the Tsar was told a group of rebels had disrupted the railroad line to Tsarskoye Selo. The train’s route was changed towards Pskov.

At Pskov, General Nikolai Ruzsky boarded the train. The Tsar recalled to his rapt audience by the fireplace in Tobolsk, “When General Ruzsky was in my presence, without preamble and with harsh words, he informed me that General Ivanov, instead of marching as ordered to St. Petersburg to put down the disturbance, had halted and set up quarters at Tsarskoye Selo.” Total abdication was demanded.
“It was not the revolution of the people,” recalled the Tsar, “nor of the peasants of old Russia, but the Grand Dukes, the military caste, and the aristocracy which had conquered. The coup d’état, already announced by General Krymov, had triumphed.”

At this point Pankratov interrupted the Tsar. “But Your Majesty,” he said, “you had signed a proclamation to the army, in which…”

“I did not write that proclamation, nor did I sign it!” roared the Tsar. “The true history is different, very different.”

“For two days and nights General Ruzsky kept me a prisoner on that train. He kept urging me to sign an abdication for myself and the Tsarevich Alexei. Each time, I categorically denied to do so.”

So did the last Tsar of Russia abdicate the throne? It would appear that the answer to that question is not the one given to us in the official history books.

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Support the people out there who are practicing what they preach! This family is amazing because not only do you get mini-documentaries on raising a large, Christian, family but they also produce amazing Christian music. They are one of my family’s all time favorites! Enjoy!

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