Ladies War Room

A woman’s prayer closet or quiet prayer time, has been referred to in Christian circles sometimes as a “war room.”

The association implies that in deep and reflective prayer a lady can “go to war” in a spiritual sense, earnestly requesting heavenly aide for those in need.

As any reader of this blog knows, Western Christendom is in desperate need of woman warriors to pray on behalf of those men and women in or society who are fighting strong and mighty battles for God.

Our men have their role, ladies, let’s play ours to the best of our ability!

Here on this page; you can check in as regularly as you like to be given people and situations to pray for in your Hushed Home.


Please pray! Terrorist have killed 150 people and injured 400 injured in a bombing campaign of Catholic churches during Easter mass in Sri Lanka! Lord have mercy! 😭🙏❤️

I am asking for prayers for a dear woman at my church. I will call her “J.” She is a young mother of three children and has been in the hospital for over a month. She has multiple health issues and was recently readmitted with extreme and mysterious pain throughout her body and a rapid heart rate. Please pray, she is one of the best people I know on this earth and she needs a miracle. Please pray for her family’s strength as well. ♥

1.25.19 For the babies of New York City, facing increased risk of murder following the passage of a law which allows for abortion up to the moment of birth.

1.25.19 Pray for Roger Stone, associate of Alex Jones and Info Wars, who was arrested by the FBI on false charges this morning. The media was in collusion with the FBI, as CNN had footage of the moment the FBI raided Stone’s home. Pray this witch hunt ends. Pray for Roger’s family and friends.

Pray for Vaida, Indre, Engle, Ugne, Rita and everyone at Son de Flor who are being cyberbullied for using white models in their ads. Pray for their strength and the courage to continue unapologetically being themselves.

John Coughlin committed suicide after a #MeToo style accusation. Lord, have mercy.

Please pray for the students from Covington Catholic school who are being hunted by the SJW cyber terrorists.

Nicholas Sandmann is a Catholic, teen boy who was harassed by radical Leftists at 2019’s March for Life in Washington, D.C. The media has gone on to claim that his reaction, which was a calm presence and playful smile, is an act of racism and white supremacy. They are attempting to expel him from school and ruin his life. Pray for him!