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There’s Nothing Wrong With White Men

There is nothing wrong with white people and there’s nothing wrong with white people being in leadership positions in white countries, in fact, it’s normal, healthy and expected. Guess who’s in leadership in China? Chinese people. Guess who runs Mexico? Mexicans.

Peggy Fletcher Stack is one of the “journalists” who lied about me last year, doxed me and my family which led to the threats of harm we are still dealing with every day in our lives.

What she does and the hate she intentionally spreads against conservatives, especially white conservatives, is immoral and wrong.

Now it appears she was caught being deceptive yet again…

Please keep talking about this and sharing the truth. These people should be held legally accountable for what they do to people and their families. We must keep fighting back against the tyranny of the Leftist press.

God bless.

2017: A reflection on my year (or finding a greater connection)

Today we have some thoughts on the close of the year and our movement brought to us by @atraditionalguy

As our movement grows more connections will be made. Friendships will grow, organizations continue to to flourish. God bless!

As another year winds down we often find ourselves reflecting on the year that has passed and consider the things we have done (or not done), the choices we have made and the path our lives have taken. With 2017 finishing I find myself pondering the year that I have just lived.

For a very long time now I have held certain values including those of a traditional family and a strong belief in preserving those values and protecting the white cultural identity. However here in Australia it’s not as easy to reach out and find people who share those values and beliefs so for a long time now I felt a bit isolate and alone.

All that began to change in April when randomly and by chance and article came across my news feed by an American blogger Wife With A Purpose who had recently made a post on her site which was gaining quite a bit of media attention. I read the article and found it held a number of views which I too believed in. So I thought I would follower her on her social media platforms.

As time progressed I found from viewing her social media accounts that we shared the exact same views and I agreed with what she was saying which made me happy to see someone express those views so publicly.

Despite what some portions of the media were reporting there was nothing wrong with what she was saying in terms of the content. It is a lesson to all that you should never take at face value something and one should always seek out the the truth in all things.

So as 2017 has now come to a close and I look back on the year, it has it’s high points and some parts that were not so good. However I am very thankful I found that article and came in contact with Ayla and spoke with her. I have a greater sense of connectivity and to be honest worth since connecting with her. Thank you 2017 for introducing us to each other. -MC @atraditionalguy