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Will CNN be Deplatformed for Bullying a Mom with 6 Kids?

Following CNN’s unethical demonetization of my channel to create a story I’ve experienced a few key things.

1. CNN has almost no audience at all.

2. A lot of their audience checked out my channel, loved it and subscribed.

3. A few hate comments came my way, one threat to shoot me and/or rape me.

Will CNN except responsibility for their dangerous lie? Will they be deplatformed from social media for bullying and hate against a mother with small children?


This February, here at WifeWithAPurpose, we are focusing on love, and how Nationalism and Patriotism are based on love – especially the love we have for our own children and their ability to survive and thrive in their own countries.

Please join our month long campaign! Across social media share pictures, news and love for and about the health, happiness and safety of your children, in your country and use the hashtag #OurChildren.