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Wife With A Purpose is a Racist White Supremacist?

Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Matthew 5:11

Behold! The great and wise editor-in-chief at BuzzFeed, Ben Smith, has once again called me, Wife With A Purpose, also known as Ayla Stewart, a white supremacist!

This lying coward has placed my family in danger of lunatic stalkers, again, because it gets his reader’s emotions all worked up when e pretends that white supremacists actually exist and that all conservatives are members of the KKK.

This is absolutely disgusting behavior. I do not believe any race is superior to any other race. I love and value all people and all cultures BUT because I love and value white people and white culture too, in a day and age when you aren’t allowed to value those, I’m considered a “white supremacist.”

This is a disgusting lie.

Are these the Tweets of a white supremacist?

Is this the family life of a white supremacists? Do white supremacists tend to be friends with non-whites and allow their children to idolize non-whites? Hummm….better ask BuzzFeed exactly what definition of “white supremacist” they are using here.

I’m so tired of the Fake News and their ridiculous lies! For the first few years I just ignored it and kept on doing what I do, talking about Christ, tradition and heritage, but they KEEP coming after me, KEEP lying about me, KEEP putting my family in danger!

People like Ben Smith at BuzzFeed know they can get away with these lies because unlike more popular personalities I don’t have the resources to sue or fight back.

Don’t worry though, I am undeterred by these lies and by people like Ben Smith. I will keep speaking out, keep fighting for Christ and country. In the end, the Lord is on our side and that’s what counts.

God loves all His children. God loves all the races and nations -yes, including the white ones! Including the white, heterosexual, males! Stand tall, walk with the Lord’s truth -you are a child of God. ❤️

There’s Nothing Wrong With White Men

There is nothing wrong with white people and there’s nothing wrong with white people being in leadership positions in white countries, in fact, it’s normal, healthy and expected. Guess who’s in leadership in China? Chinese people. Guess who runs Mexico? Mexicans.

Peggy Fletcher Stack is one of the “journalists” who lied about me last year, doxed me and my family which led to the threats of harm we are still dealing with every day in our lives.

What she does and the hate she intentionally spreads against conservatives, especially white conservatives, is immoral and wrong.

Now it appears she was caught being deceptive yet again…

Please keep talking about this and sharing the truth. These people should be held legally accountable for what they do to people and their families. We must keep fighting back against the tyranny of the Leftist press.

God bless.

Sean P Means of the Salt Lake Tribune

Recently the journalist Sean P Means wrote a story about me in the Salt Lake City Tribune claiming I called for “racial separation.” I not only have proof that he’s lying, I have proof he knew he was lying about me. Fight back against #FakeNews!

The blog post I’m referring to:

I won’t link his trash article. I don’t want to give him the hits.

My Twitter Account

Myself and my children sing Jingle Bells in one of my recent YouTube videos.

At approximately noon, PST, Twitter permanently suspended my account @apurposefulwife. I have joyfully used this account since 2009 and had over 34 thousand beloved followers.

No reason or warning was given for the suspension. As of 5:00 pm, PST, Twitter has not sent me any email notification of the suspension, I only know of the suspension because of the pop up that occurs if I try to log into my account.

I did not violate any of Twitter’s rules nor did I engage in hateful, violent or harmful behavior on their platform or anyone else’s.

I will continue my happy work through my many other pleasantly active platforms (listed below) and continue to talk about God’s love for all His people and all the beautiful races He created, including my race, the white race.

I will always advocate for our heritage’s cherished traditional Christian values as well as traditional family structures and against the cultural Marxism that has infected our beautiful culture, our countries and our churches.

I will not cease sharing the joy I experience everyday of being a traditional homemaker and mother of six amazing human beings – in photos, essays, and posts all around the internet.

The out pouring of support I have received from my followers has been overwhelming and truly touching. You are my extended family and I love you all dearly. May the Lord bless and keep you all this holiday season!

Much love, in Christ’s Holy name,