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Video Tribute to the Romanov Family by Trad Mike

I’m just about speechless. This tribute created by @TraditionalMike is amazing! He also did the music! We are so blessed at Wife With a Purpose Ministries to have him working on our team! Upload, comment, share! Remember them.

The Last Czar: Anniversary Live Stream

To mark the moment 100 years ago when The Romanov family were murdered Ayla & Traditional Mike did a live stream. Please note due to the subject matter parts of this video may not be suitable for younger viewers. Parental discretion is advised.  

The Romanov Diaries (Letters): Tsaritsa Alexandra

As we know the bond between Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra was extremely strong. However with the outbreak of World War I they were separated for extended periods. Here we have some correspondence from The Tsaritsa to The Tsar. Livadia, April 27-th, 1914…

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