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July’s campaign, #RememberThem100

Here at Wife With a Purpose ministries we are launching our July campaign with the hash tag #RememberThem100. July 17th, 2018, will mark the 100 year anniversary of the day that Nicholas the II, Czar of Russia, and his family were assassinated, in what…

Fun and Fellowship! Join My Facebook Group!

If you are on Facebook and enjoy using that platform please request to join my Facebook group. We have a lot of fun, friendship and fellowship. There is a small vetting process so you need to answer a few questions and I will approve…

Getting Ink Out of Carpet

#TradLife Homemaking tip! Ink on your carpet? Spray it down with a non-oily hairspray and dab it with a rag to transfer the ink from the carpet to the rag. Works like a charm! My kids love to help with this too! ❤ #ink…

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