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Think Progress Claims Homeschooling Means You’re in League with Russia and You’re a “Christofascist”

#Homeschoolers, you are now #Russian spies and “Christofascists” according to the Left. If we don’t do something soon they will outlaw #homeschooling, they will outlaw ALL #OrthodoxChristianity (then other forms of Christianity following that) and they will start imprisoning and executing people. This has…

The Benedict Option, Due Date for Page 77 is August 10th!

The first “due date” for The Benedict Option book club is tomorrow! You should be up on page 77! I hope you are enjoying reading with us and sharing with us on social media about your thoughts and progress! ♥

Christianity: A light for this dark world

As we are reading through The Benedict Option by Red Dreher for the month of August  this particular passage of text stood out to me. Christians know that there is one light that the darkness can neither comprehend nor overcome and it is the,…

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