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SHOCKING! New Purge Movie Portrays Whites, Orthodox Christians and Trump Voters as Terrorists Who Want to Murder All Blacks.

Anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Trump voters is the theme of the newest Purge movie, set to release July 4th weekend. This film is exactly like the propaganda films one would find terrorist groups like ISIS using to recruit killers and it is aimed straight at…

“Unacceptable to Leave the Public Hanging.” Ottawa Police Ignore Anti-Christian Terrorist Threat for Over a Day

A mass shooting threat was made by a Muslim against Christians in Ottawa, Canada and citizens are furious that the police are still refusing to take it seriously or notify the public. Read the full story here.

At Least 9 Dead in Attack on Coptic Church in Egypt

Two Coptic priests Mar Mina, Egypt, December 29th, 2017 Death, chaos, mayhem and slaughter – this is what it’s like to be a Christian living in a majority Muslim country. This is the future of the West and the future beyond this is the…

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