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#ReclaimNormal: Social Media a Faulty Product?

#SundaySpotlight Matthew Herrick is suing Grindr using the unique claim that they are a faulty product. Matthew’s ex-boyfriend used the dating app to create fake profiles and send men to Matthew’s place of employment to harass him. Matthew tried to have Grindr remove the…

#ReclaimNormal, Sunday Spotlight, “I will never apologize for being a comedian!” Terrence Williams Proclaims

Terrence Williams is a popular Youtuber who makes response videos to crazy news stories. He leans conservative and has no problem with stereotypes even going so far as to start Go Fund Me to buy fried chicken. He recently made a video criticizing the…

Sunday Spotlight: Dana Loesch Reclaims Normal

She’s an American. She believes in the rights the Constitution grants us. Her views are NORMAL. For this of you who may not follow the ongoing saga of Dana Loesch, let me bring you up to speed. Dana is a former liberal, like myself….

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