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Protesting workers disrupt and shut down South African hospital

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As many of you may be aware civil unrest is nothing unusual in South Africa it happens all across the country, very frequently and is quite often violent and disruptive. However one would hope and pray that a hospital, a place where sick people are being cared for and the injured are being treated would be a safe haven from these terrible violent actions. Sadly however this is not the case.


On the morning of Thursday May 31st staff at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital went on strike over what is alleged to be unpaid bonuses. There strike was far from a peaceful demonstration, they were downright hostile and put the very lives of patients at risk.

Staff blockaded the road leading into the hospital and  the doors to the building therefor not allowing patients to enter the building for treatments. They invaded an operating theatre while a procedure was in progress saying all the staff in the room deserve to be fired and replaced.

Only 19 our of the 50 scheduled operations for the day were performed

They chased out patients from the oncology department waiting for treatment and they broke down pharmacy door demanding work is stopped forcing patients out without their medication.

They generally ransacked and trashed the place in what can only be described as riot type behaviour. South African Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi address the media directly after the incident stating that the behaviour of the staff at the hospital as hooliganism. Mr Motsoaledi went on to say:

“This is not a mine or any other place of work, where you work with objects. This is a hospital where there are sick and vulnerable people, many of whom do not even know the problems between the workers and the government and they should not know. The fact that they are made victims like this is unacceptable.”

While peace and order where eventually restored and negotiations were scheduled to take place on Friday, the rioting staff vowed to continue their abhorrent and destructive behaviour until all their demands were met which would continue to put patients at risk.

White South African Displacement Camps

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White people in South Africa continue to face many struggles everyday of their lives. Anyone who follows my work on twitter know that I am strong advocate of many of the issues facing them however I wish to take some time now to write about the white displacement (or squatter) camps.

Here are some facts on this issue:

  • White people in South Africa are a minority in their country making up only 8% of the total population
  • White South Africans looking for work face a massive struggle to get work due to the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) laws which dictate a company can only have 8% of their total workforce comprise of white people
  • There are around 450 displacement camps all across South Africa
  • Reports indicate some 400,000 people live in the camps nationwide
  • A good portion of the white people in the camps are working class Afrikaans speaking people
  • These people get no help from the South African government

AfrikanerPoor children in tent towns Joppie Ruach DisMosOnsEieMenseDieFacebook[4]

These camps are made from makeshift dwellings often from disused building materials, they have no electricity and food and water supplies are dangerously low. The camps are often built on the outskirts of major population centres where rubbish dumps were previously located and have been filled over.

Independent journalist Lauren Southern posted a video on her YouTube channel on these camps as part of her Farmlands documentary. To find out more about her work please visit

As Lauren states in her video these people are not immigrants to South Africa, they have not come into South Africa illegally. They are South African citizens who have been abandoned by their own government…why because of their skin color.

Where is the international outcry about this issue, where are the aid agencies coming to the rescue of the poor and majorly disadvantage white South African population who are an oppressed minority in their own country? Something needs to be done and it needs to happen very soon.