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Ireland: Last Stand of Western Christendom

“I was carried into a cabin, and lay there for eight days, when I had the [baby] born dead. I lay for three weeks after that. The whole of my family got the fever, and one boy thirteen years old, died with want and with hunger while we were lying sick.” Those are the words of Bridget O’Donnel as told to a journalist over 150 years ago during the Irish Famine.

Ireland, like all of the Western world, has endured great hardship. They have struggled as individuals and as people through unbelievable pain, often watching their own beloved children slip through their fingers into death which makes this weekend’s vote in Ireland, to potentially legalize abortion, all the more shocking

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The loss of faith: A crisis for Western Civilization

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Have you ever stopped and thought about why society seems to be falling apart around us? Why crime is sky rocketing, why there is a distinct lack of common courtesy and decency & why the youth of today are vagrant and have no respect for authority.

It is because of the loss of faith among our community and the breakdown of traditional values that faith brings into our families. The family is the basis for everything our civilization is built on. Without a proper faith filled traditional family home our children won’t grow up to be upstanding and functional contributors to our society.

But has our civilization lost or is losing it’s faith?

To answer this I turn to the recent history of my own country Australia.

In the 1981 census under the question of religion 76.4% of the population of Australia identified as Christian, with the largest denomination being The Church of England at 26.1%. With 10.8% of respondents stating that they did not identify with a religion.$File/24430_1981_SC_PD_Australia.pdf

In the 2016 census only 52.1% of the population of Australia identified as Christian, a reduction of 24.3% in only 35 years. The highest denomination this time was Catholic at 22.6%. However in a very alarming trend 30.1% of Australians now identify as being of no religion.

Quite clearly from these figures there is a marked ongoing departure in Australia from Christianity and a rise in those who have no firm religion. In a recent Q&A program on Australian television Greg Sheridan Foreign editor for The Australian newspaper said:

“I believe that the loss of faith is a tremendous crisis for western civilization”

So having said all that what can be done?

Firstly what we can do is those of us of faith have to continue to hold fast to our faith and to raise our families with our values. This arms our families and especially our children with the equipment early in their lives that will give them what they need to be steadfast for all of their lives,


Secondly we have to continue to use our platforms online that we work on to promote our values and traditions. For when civilization gets to the point where people have nowhere else to turn they will turn back to faith where we will be waiting for them with open arms to bring them back into God’s family.

Remember the words of Paul Young in the song Love of The Common People

“You know that faith is your foundation. With a whole lot of love and a warm conversation. But don’t forget to pray. It’s makin’ it strong, where you belong.”

“Still Think Liberals Aren’t Trying to Normalize Pedophilia?”: Show Dogs Movie is Teaching Kids Bad Tricks

Many of us are used to Hollywood coming out with movies we don’t allow our children to see, even those aimed at kids can often have too much sex, violence or swearing. Occasionally, movies may have other elements we feel strongly against such as sibling rivalry, environmentalism, paganism, anti-God, anti-America or anti-white messages but nothing, and I mean nothing can prepare you for the reviews the new Show Dogs movie is getting.

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Family History: A blessing for all

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I was recently going through some records that had become available on a family history website I hold an account with when I came across two records which were vitally important for answering some questions regarding my dad’s family. Filled with excitement I printed the two records and took them with me when I recently visited dad to show them to him.

When I presented the records to my dad and I went through them with him his face lit up with happiness and we talked about the family members that were listed on it. Dad explained in great detail the street that his family lived on, many of the houses in their street were occupied by family members.


My grandads family lived in one house, next door were another family who my grandad’s aunt married into. Next door to them was the son of my granddad’s uncle and his family and finally across the road was my grandad’s uncle himself and the rest of his family.

The other record has my grandmother and her mother living in the very house that my dad would be born in two years after the record was taken.

My dad and I spoke for a great length of time and he gave me some other names to look into to see if I can find anything on them. I could clearly see that talking with me about our family made my dad happy as he remembered his childhood.

Family history is not only a blessing to us because we can find out our precious heritage but it blesses those who we talk to about it and makes them happy. Finally it brings honour to our ancestors as we learn about them and remember them.

“Heartless”: Baby Alfie’s Memorial Tree Comes Under Attack

Heartless,” “unbelievable,” and “livid” are all words people are using to sum up their feelings following the revelation that people are stealing items left at the memorial tree in honor of Alfie Evans, the baby who died in England after his parents fought a very public battle for the right to leave England in order to seek different treatment.

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A need for traditional families

A post by @atraditionalguy on Twitter.

There is an alarming trend forming in my city with a spike of children hanging out on the streets of the CBD late at night which is coinciding with a considerable rise in crime around the city. So far in 2018 Mission Australia workers have had 2042 contacts with youth they regard as vulnerable up until the 30th of April. Current projections indicate that the figures this year will more than double the figure of 2758 last year and 1853 in 2016.

These numbers are very distressing and they made me stop and reflect and consider the situation.

Everything we learn in the early years of our lives comes from our family home, even before we do off to school generally when we are around the age of 5. Even when we do start attending school a lot of our basic learning and structure that will take us into our teen years and beyond comes from the home. Which leads me to where I think the problem is.


Over the past few decades we have seen a decline in the structure of the traditional family unit. The roles of Fathers and Mothers have become badly blurred which has led to families not functioning as they were designed to do therefore children are not getting the proper stable homes and guidance that they need.

One major step to fixing the problem of vagrant youth in our society is to reinstate the traditional family unit and reassert the roles that Fathers and Mothers are meant to provide so that their sons and daughters can learn their roles in the family and grow up to be good upstanding and productive members of society. This I think would be a good massive first step and go a long way to helping preserve and protect the very fabric of our culture and society.


Mum’s Condition: the Preciousness of Life

As most of you know, I’m now a regular contributor to and I encourage you to go there and please check out my columns. While I’m busy with that @atraditionalguy on Twitter is continuing to help me provide material for our community and I’m so grateful. I accept posts from people so please contact me at “white ayla at proton mail dot com” if you have anything you would like to contribute. Our campaign theme for May is “Motherhood.” God bless.

Mothers are the most precious and special people in the world. They carry us inside themselves for nine months and care and nurture us for the rest of their lives. The bond between a mother and her child is very special and unbreakable.

For all of my life I have been very close to my mother. She stayed at home as a traditional mother would while dad went out and worked. My mum has always been very caring towards me even into my adult life. She has always been there as a support for me when I needed to talk to someone or someone to comfort me in times of trouble and when we are younger even into the early part of our adult lives we think things will always be the way they are however as time progresses we realise the reality of it is different from our ideas we held as a younger person.

A few years ago my mum began to show signs of changes in her ability to do simple things such as her mobility started to weaken and she was losing some of her ability to speak. Dad and I soon recognised something was very wrong with her and we took her to Doctors and specialists to have her examined to try to determine what was wrong with her. Soon after that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 71.

I am very thankful that her condition was not very advanced when my wife and I were married in the August of 2014 and she was able to attend our wedding however it became evident that she was getting worse as time went on. My dad cared for her at home for as long as he could until it became too much for him and she was admitted into an aged care facility in January 2016 where she is still to this day.

As mum’s condition took hold of her and worsened I had to accept the fact that while she is the same loving and caring mother I have known all my life she was now needing me to be there for her as she had been there for me for my entire life. It also made me reflect that each moment we have with our loved ones are precious and should be cherished because we never know when things will change forever.


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