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BREAKING: Shoot Out at Mt. Zion High School Graduation

Breaking 911 is reporting:

“Jonesboro, Georgia — Multiple people were reportedly shot at Mt. Zion High School in Clayton County, Georgia Friday–at least one person is dead.

The gunfire erupted during a high school graduation ceremony.”

Unlike the shooting earlier today in Santa Fe however it doesn’t look like there will be any way the media can spin this as a “white, Christian, male.”

According to the high school is 75% black, 13% Hispanic and 3% white.

Twitter is responding.

The Royal Wedding!

I broke down the royal wedding today. She’s divorced, she’s American, she’s black….what are traditionalists saying about this and what are the highlights that we #TradLifers can glean from this historic event? Check out my full article here.

And don’t forget to check I’m with me on Gab at 6 AM EST, I will be live Gabbing my thoughts!

“Heartless”: Baby Alfie’s Memorial Tree Comes Under Attack

Heartless,” “unbelievable,” and “livid” are all words people are using to sum up their feelings following the revelation that people are stealing items left at the memorial tree in honor of Alfie Evans, the baby who died in England after his parents fought a very public battle for the right to leave England in order to seek different treatment.

Read the full story here

IMPORTANT! I Will NOT Be Speaking at the National Solutions Symposium

For immediate release.

There has been an error. I will NOT be speaking at the National Solutions Conference in Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee in June.

I have asked that my name be removed from the list of speakers.

I apologize if this has caused anyone any inconvenience.


Ayla Stewart

Will CNN be Deplatformed for Bullying a Mom with 6 Kids?

Following CNN’s unethical demonetization of my channel to create a story I’ve experienced a few key things.

1. CNN has almost no audience at all.

2. A lot of their audience checked out my channel, loved it and subscribed.

3. A few hate comments came my way, one threat to shoot me and/or rape me.

Will CNN except responsibility for their dangerous lie? Will they be deplatformed from social media for bullying and hate against a mother with small children?

Wife With A Purpose is a Racist White Supremacist?

Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Matthew 5:11

Behold! The great and wise editor-in-chief at BuzzFeed, Ben Smith, has once again called me, Wife With A Purpose, also known as Ayla Stewart, a white supremacist!

This lying coward has placed my family in danger of lunatic stalkers, again, because it gets his reader’s emotions all worked up when e pretends that white supremacists actually exist and that all conservatives are members of the KKK.

This is absolutely disgusting behavior. I do not believe any race is superior to any other race. I love and value all people and all cultures BUT because I love and value white people and white culture too, in a day and age when you aren’t allowed to value those, I’m considered a “white supremacist.”

This is a disgusting lie.

Are these the Tweets of a white supremacist?

Is this the family life of a white supremacists? Do white supremacists tend to be friends with non-whites and allow their children to idolize non-whites? Hummm….better ask BuzzFeed exactly what definition of “white supremacist” they are using here.

I’m so tired of the Fake News and their ridiculous lies! For the first few years I just ignored it and kept on doing what I do, talking about Christ, tradition and heritage, but they KEEP coming after me, KEEP lying about me, KEEP putting my family in danger!

People like Ben Smith at BuzzFeed know they can get away with these lies because unlike more popular personalities I don’t have the resources to sue or fight back.

Don’t worry though, I am undeterred by these lies and by people like Ben Smith. I will keep speaking out, keep fighting for Christ and country. In the end, the Lord is on our side and that’s what counts.

God loves all His children. God loves all the races and nations -yes, including the white ones! Including the white, heterosexual, males! Stand tall, walk with the Lord’s truth -you are a child of God. ❤️