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White South Africans Are Depending On Us

By @ATraditionalGuy on Twitter

Many of us are aware of the plight and desperate situation facing the white South African farmers. This has been a worsening for some time now for those who may not be fully aware of what has been going on you can see Ayla’s interview here.

Alternative media sources have been covering the situation however despite the ongoing and worsening crisis in South Africa there has been very little global mainstream media coverage of this story.

However despite the lack of mainstream media coverage this story has come to attention of government officials who are now looking at ways to help the white South African farmers

On Wednesday evening while catching up with some news online I saw an article which filled my heart with hope for the white South African farmers. The Australian immigration and Home Affairs minister The Honourable Peter Dutton MP had come out and said that his department were looking at ways to help the white South African Farmers with the possibility of fast tracking visas for them to become refugees in Australia.

Mr Dutton said “White farmers facing violence in South Africa deserve special attention from Australia”

Mr Dutton’s remarks sparked a response from the South African government as they demanded he retracted his statement and apologise saying that “it’s citizens are in no danger” however I will let you make up your own mind if these white farmers are in “no danger” as their government suggests as I present the following evidence to you.

There are almost constant reports of violence and killings against white farmers. With violence against these people on the rise all the time.

A record 400 farmers were attacked in 2017, with between 1 & 2 murdered every week. Is there still no danger?

One story I heard about involved a white family who were attacked and robbed. The husband was shot and killed right in front of his family including his 3 children. Five days after his funeral his new son was born. His boy will grow up not knowing his dad, facing an uncertain future and his family having been shattered forever. However the South African government says there is “no danger”

Even the South African government themselves are fuelling and making the situation worse. Earlier this month the South African government themselves passed by overwhelming majority (241 votes for and 83 votes against) an amendment to section 25 of the constitution which allows expropriation of the land of white farmers with any form of compensation given to them.

So by their own actions the South African government have putting these white farmers into poverty, destitution and a greater level of danger than they have ever faced before.

However there is hope. After making a post on the social media network Gab calling for my fellow Australians to write to Mr Dutton showing our support for his stance on this issue I was contacted by someone from New Zealand who gave me some information.

They informed me that the New Zealand government are also looking at ways to assist, grant refugee status and help resettle the white South African farmers. This news filled my heart with hope that we are actually making some real progress to helping the farmers.

It is my hope that this is only the start and that other countries will join in and look at ways we can help these people who’s lives are being torn apart and they are in constant danger.

We can make a difference and help these people if we all continue to band together and do everything within our power to assist them. Please continue to talk about this issue on your social media platforms and share articles about the violence and persecutions the white farmers in South Africa face.

The Bible says in Proverbs 3:27-28

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.

If you can help your neighbor now, don’t say, “Come back tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.”

These people are literally depending on us for their very survival.

California Assembly Bill Aimed at Homeschoolers

I recently received this by email, please share this post or copy and paste this info and share across social media.

Assembly Bill Aimed at Homeschoolers

On Friday, February 17, 2018, AB 2756 was introduced in the California Assembly by Assembly Members Medina, Eggman and Gonzalez Fletcher.

The authors claim that the bill would protect children enrolled in home-based private schools by ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. The bill would not accomplish that purpose, and must be seen for what it is: a bald grab for the power of the state to enter private homes.

The HSC Board and legal team believe this bill not only fails completely to achieve the stated goal, it imposes an unacceptable risk not only to the right to educate children at home, but also to the privacy rights of law-abiding citizens. We encourage all of our members to learn about the bill and about these risks, and to contact their own state Assembly members to voice their opposition.


Here is the full text and statement by the Board and Legal Team of the Homeschool Association of California,

To follow the ongoing statewide discussion, join the HSC Facebook group

Add your voice to thousands of other California homeschoolers. Become a Homeschool Advocate or Member of HSC. Join us at our annual Conference in San Jose, August 9 – 12, 2018

Stephanie Hood, HSC County Contacts Coordinator

Continue to Boycott the NFL, This Ain’t Over

#NFL rejects an ad from #AMVets which read #PleaseStand, encouraging people to stand for the national anthem. The NFL claims such an ad is “too political.” This really makes me sick. The NFL thinks patriotism is wrong but let’s these animals “take a knee?” The NFL needs to be starved to death. Don’t support them. Period.

NFL Rejects AMVETS ‘Please Stand’ Super Bowl Ad Due to it’s “Political Message” While Kneeling During the Anthem Continues

At the Passing of a Prophet

The prophet of the LDS Church, Thomas S Monson, passed away on Tuesday, Jan 2nd, 2018.

Of course I now choose to keep my religious practice/denomination private for a variety of reasons but I wanted to share some thoughts on Mormons today.

Most Mormons are amazing people, but the bad ones can be fierce beyond measure. The church has some wonderful aspects and the church as some weak points that make it vulnerable to cult like behavior especially when it comes to stalking and harassing members (whom they record and document with extreme precision) as well as a collective “let’s all feel good by hating someone else whether or not the rumors are true” mentality.

It’s a mixed bag like most Churches but if it got it’s teeth back it could a force for great good again.

Mostly, I personally pray that all Christians could once again come back into union and harmony together, giving up the distortions of the Truth, the falsehoods taught by wayward fathers, and unite in one Church. I fear we won’t survive otherwise.


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Ayla, is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, home birthing, mother of six children. She holds a Master’s degree and is a former Leftist whose prolife and pro family values along with the grace of God, led her to TradLife. In addition to, you can follow her on YouTube (,,,,,,, and

At Least 9 Dead in Attack on Coptic Church in Egypt

Two Coptic priests

Mar Mina, Egypt, December 29th, 2017 Death, chaos, mayhem and slaughter – this is what it’s like to be a Christian living in a majority Muslim country. This is the future of the West and the future beyond this is the total death and extinction of Christians and Europeans if won’t don’t stop the invasion.

Reuters reports on the Coptic Church attack today:

The two attackers opened fire at the entrance to the church of Mar Mina in Helwan district, which was being guarded by police in the run-up to Orthodox Christmas celebrations next week, security sources said.

One attacker was shot dead by security forces, the sources and the state-run news agency MENA reported. State television said the second had been captured.

Islamist militants have claimed several attacks on Egypt’s large Christian minority in recent years, including two bomb attacks on Palm Sunday in April and a blast at Cairo’s largest Coptic cathedral last December that killed 28 people.

The Health Ministry said that nine people had been killed on Friday in addition to the gunman, and five wounded, including two women in serious condition.

Local media said the dead attacker had been wearing an explosive belt, and that two other bombs had been defused near the church.

Sirens were heard in central Cairo immediately after the incident.

Police have stepped up security measures around churches ahead of the Coptic Christmas celebrations on Jan. 7, deploying officers outside Christian places of worship and setting up metal detectors at some of the bigger churches.

Reporting by Ahmed Mohamed Hassan and Amr Abdallah; Writing by John Davison; Editing by Kevin Liff


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Ayla, is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, home birthing, mother of six children. She holds a Master’s degree and is a former Leftist whose pro life and pro family values along with the grace of God, led her to TradLife. In addition to, you can follow her on YouTube (,,,,,,, and