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“Your Rights…Have Been Forfeited”: Speaking With Faith Goldy About T o m m y R o b i n s o n’s Horrifying Arrest

The one-day arrest, trial and convection of journalist T o m m y R o b i n s o n should horrify us all. I spoke with Faith Goldy about what independent journalists in the West are facing right now as the police turn their backs and judges sentence people to death.

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Independent Journalist Faith Goldy attacked by ANTIFA

a post by @atraditionalguy

*** Update: Since this incident took place Faith has been banned from Patreon***

Canadian Catholic Nationalist & independent journalist Faith Goldy has for some time now been covering the massive boarder crisis gripping Canada due to the reckless boarder polices of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This policy has opened the boarder to a fake refugee crisis as Canada’s boarder is being overrun by people flooding into the country with more than 50,000 illegal entries by people into Canada in 2017.


As part of her ongoing covereage to tell what is really happening at the Canadian boarder Faith and a traveling companion she took with her for personal security recently visited Lacolle Quebec which sits just north of the Canadian & US boarder. She went there after seeing a promotion of a gathering which read “Open The Boarders! Refugees Welcome! Stop the racist far right!” with the location and the time of the meeting being given.

On arriving in the area and seeing the group it became clear that they were only interested in refugees and were not happy with Faith being there. Most of the time Faith spent there was uneventful and she decided to move on. However before the left she spoke to some Police Officers that were nearby who informed her that there was a right wing counter protest happening father up the road. With that Faith and her companion returned to their car and headed up the road.

Once arriving up the road at first glance it appeared Faith and her companion were a group of mostly friendly people however when Faith realised as she got closer that there were no national or provincial flags anywhere it soon became evident that they were not among a group of right wing people as the Police said that they were but in fact the Police had directed Faith and her companion right into a den of ANTIFA supporters. It was around this time that the ANTIFA realised who Faith was too.

Now at this time I would like to pause and point out three key facts about the scene here.

  1. There was a Police presence at the scene both uniformed officers and officers in riot gear
  2. There were members of the mainstream media there filming
  3. Faith and her companion were only two people against a mob of ANTIFA

At no point during their time there did Faith or her companion make any aggressive action or say anything provocative towards the members of ANTIFA. Faith did introduce herself in a proper and respectful way and let her camera do it’s work as and good journalist would do.

However this did not stop the member of ANTIFA from hurling insults at them such as “Neo Nazi” and “Fascist” as Faith and her companion were being totally surrounded by ANTIFA. They also were spitting on them too. “Males” of the group also took swings at Faith to try to knock her phone (which was recording the footage) out of her hand. Then the most striking encounter from the entire scene took place.

Now we should pause here and ask ourselves what did the Police in riot gear do during this altercation where Faith and her companion (who did nothing to provoke an attack) were assaulted by ANTIFA? Did they step in and protect two innocent people from being attacked by a mob of people who were intent on harming them? Why no not at all, they stood by and did nothing.

Have the mainstream media used their extensive footage of the incident to report on it and show what happened to Faith and her companion at the hands of ANTIFA? No they have not.

To the best of my knowledge Faith and her companion escaped the incident without any serious injury which is something to be extremely thankful for. The Lord watching over them.

Faith’s complete video from the incident can be viewed here

Which now brings me to the second part of this Faith being banned from Patreon

On May 22nd Faith came onto her twitter account and informed her followers that she had received an e-mail informing her she has been banned from the Patron crowdfunding website for “Hate Speech”


Now the funny thing is their as I said at the top of the article that Faith has been pushing the Canadian boarder issue for some time now and has been vocal about other issues in the past without being banned from Patron. So why all of sudden does her account get kicked? Clearly it is a result of her encounter with ANTIFA. Not long after she made the footage of ANTIFA attacking on her public then bang her Patreon is knocked out. I will let you guys draw your own conclusion about this but to me it is far too conveniently timed not to be connected.

Of course to long term friends and supporters of Ayla who runs this website and various social media platforms this is a very familiar story. Early in 2017 she received some main stream media attention for her views. Very soon after this her Pateron was shut down for guess what…. yep “Hate Speech”

Now the key thing to remember here is people like Ayla, Faith and others like them rely on crowd funding sites such as Patreon to assist them with their work that they do because they often do not have other means of personal income to support their work.

Because of the nature of the work people like Ayla & Faith do they need to get personal security which becomes very expensive. So when patreon shuts down their pages it makes it harder for them to get the protection they need. Also once they are know for speaking out it often makes it harder for them and their spouses to work “regular jobs”

By Pateron shutting down their pages they are effectively trying to close down the good work these people are doing and it places them in danger.

I would encourage everyone to get out there and support your favourite content creators and help them with their vital work because our values, society and culture needs protecting, the truth has to be told. They can’t stop the signal!

“Still Think Liberals Aren’t Trying to Normalize Pedophilia?”: Show Dogs Movie is Teaching Kids Bad Tricks

Many of us are used to Hollywood coming out with movies we don’t allow our children to see, even those aimed at kids can often have too much sex, violence or swearing. Occasionally, movies may have other elements we feel strongly against such as sibling rivalry, environmentalism, paganism, anti-God, anti-America or anti-white messages but nothing, and I mean nothing can prepare you for the reviews the new Show Dogs movie is getting.

Read the whole article here.

Wife With A Purpose is a Racist White Supremacist?

Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Matthew 5:11

Behold! The great and wise editor-in-chief at BuzzFeed, Ben Smith, has once again called me, Wife With A Purpose, also known as Ayla Stewart, a white supremacist!

This lying coward has placed my family in danger of lunatic stalkers, again, because it gets his reader’s emotions all worked up when e pretends that white supremacists actually exist and that all conservatives are members of the KKK.

This is absolutely disgusting behavior. I do not believe any race is superior to any other race. I love and value all people and all cultures BUT because I love and value white people and white culture too, in a day and age when you aren’t allowed to value those, I’m considered a “white supremacist.”

This is a disgusting lie.

Are these the Tweets of a white supremacist?

Is this the family life of a white supremacists? Do white supremacists tend to be friends with non-whites and allow their children to idolize non-whites? Hummm….better ask BuzzFeed exactly what definition of “white supremacist” they are using here.

I’m so tired of the Fake News and their ridiculous lies! For the first few years I just ignored it and kept on doing what I do, talking about Christ, tradition and heritage, but they KEEP coming after me, KEEP lying about me, KEEP putting my family in danger!

People like Ben Smith at BuzzFeed know they can get away with these lies because unlike more popular personalities I don’t have the resources to sue or fight back.

Don’t worry though, I am undeterred by these lies and by people like Ben Smith. I will keep speaking out, keep fighting for Christ and country. In the end, the Lord is on our side and that’s what counts.

God loves all His children. God loves all the races and nations -yes, including the white ones! Including the white, heterosexual, males! Stand tall, walk with the Lord’s truth -you are a child of God. ❤️

Progressives Use a Young Turks Live Chat to Plot Against Heterosexual Parents

I’m still fairly new to the whole YouTube live chat thing so tonight when I saw the Young Turks trending I thought I would take a peek and see what progressives talk about in their live streams. Well, I was there only a minute when I discovered that they were knee deep into a conversation in which multiple people discussed not equality, oh no, but the superiority of homosexual parenting.

On the slippery slope that is always the Left it isn’t enough that they can adopt children or buy in-vitro babies from women who literally sell their babies to gay couples like human traffickers – no, now they must insist that they make BETTER parents.

And if you think they will stop there you are sadly mistaken. Once superiority is established it’s a logical next step to restrict breeding from the undesirable, heterosexual, parents who are just “plowing” babies into each other.

I hope you’re paying attention.

California Assembly Bill Aimed at Homeschoolers

I recently received this by email, please share this post or copy and paste this info and share across social media.

Assembly Bill Aimed at Homeschoolers

On Friday, February 17, 2018, AB 2756 was introduced in the California Assembly by Assembly Members Medina, Eggman and Gonzalez Fletcher.

The authors claim that the bill would protect children enrolled in home-based private schools by ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. The bill would not accomplish that purpose, and must be seen for what it is: a bald grab for the power of the state to enter private homes.

The HSC Board and legal team believe this bill not only fails completely to achieve the stated goal, it imposes an unacceptable risk not only to the right to educate children at home, but also to the privacy rights of law-abiding citizens. We encourage all of our members to learn about the bill and about these risks, and to contact their own state Assembly members to voice their opposition.


Here is the full text and statement by the Board and Legal Team of the Homeschool Association of California,

To follow the ongoing statewide discussion, join the HSC Facebook group

Add your voice to thousands of other California homeschoolers. Become a Homeschool Advocate or Member of HSC. Join us at our annual Conference in San Jose, August 9 – 12, 2018

Stephanie Hood, HSC County Contacts Coordinator