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Where Do We Go From Here?

One final thought before I start my Sunday. I learned something new this weekend. After the photojournalist lied about me and I called her out she, of course, doubled down and admitted no wrongdoing however what was especially curious to me was that the…

A Small Change

It’s always such a delicate balance to know whether or not to ignore haters. I keep going back and forth between ignoring them completely and then posting about the ones who especially target my family with threats or otherwise. Last night I was deeply…

Breaking News: Brittany Pettibone banned from Instagram

As various platforms continue to attack various members of our  community, we see posts from them showing what platform has banned them. Today is no exception Awarding winning Sci-Fi author, political commentator and activist Brittany Pettibone has been banned from Instagram.  Brittany made the…

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