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(Guest Post) Degeneracy Culture’s Revisionist History by Mina Teresa

Today we at Wifewithapurpose are proud to present another piece written but the amazing Mina Teresa. Please enjoy. There are many things I could expound upon about how mainstream American society’s celebration and encouragement of deviancy infects our children, sexualizes them, corrupts them, and…

BREAKING: Supreme Court Just Ruled in Favor of Christian Baker!

Attendance at conservative churches is on the rise and #SCOTUS just ruled 7-2 in favor of Christians! The 21st century is shaping up to swing trad! Read the full story here…

Progressives Use a Young Turks Live Chat to Plot Against Heterosexual Parents

I’m still fairly new to the whole YouTube live chat thing so tonight when I saw the Young Turks trending I thought I would take a peek and see what progressives talk about in their live streams. Well, I was there only a minute…

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