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Growing Up With Wilderness #WildernessRevival

By @ATraditionalGuy on Twitter and Gab

It is accurate to say that the world children are growing up in today is vastly different to the one I grew up in 30 years ago. The kids of today have the internet, tv streaming services, online gaming and plenty of other things which keeps them inside for hours and while there is nothing wrong with these advances in moderation when I was young we had none of them and I had a very different experience growing up.

When I was young my family would often go camping and go out bush walking, these experiences were very precious to me growing up. Not only was the time spent with my family very special but being in and around the nature and the wilderness gave me a great appreciation for it. It gave me a great and deep respect for animals and sparked my love of gardening I have developed over time.

Spending time in the wilderness is important no matter what age we are because it connects us with the world around us and allows us those special moments of peace and rest from the daily grind of life. It also gives us a feeling of connection with our ancestors as we learn to appreciate nature the way they used to and enjoy the Wilderness Revival.

#WildernessRevival, Inspiration

#WildernessRevival I love to paint from real life when I can, like my idol Beatrix Potter, but when I need a good pic I’ve found great inspiration from places like Pinterest and Pixabay. Thank you so much to all of you who have like my paintings enough to buy them. Your support means the world to me especially in these times of darkneas and evil. God bless you, truly!

Ex 35:35 Both of them hath he instructed with wisdom, to do carpenters’ work, and tapestry, and embroidery in blue and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine linen, and to weave all things, and to invent all new things.

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Gardening: Creating our own paradise. #WildernessRevival

Gardening: Creating our own paradise.

By @ATraditionalGuy on Twitter

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable and wholesome activities that you and your family can do. It does not matter if you live on a large property or a smaller suburban block creating your own piece of paradise. From sitting down and planning your garden to your children helping to put the plants in every step of the process is very rewarding.

Watching the plants grow you plant over time is very satisfying and fulfilling, the plant I have featured in these photos with this post is called a fragipani. When I planted it in my front yard a few years back it was a small stick in the ground. The reason I call it a stick is the frangipani is best planted in the colder months of the year when the plant is dormant, however when the warmer weather kicks in so does the plant. It blooms with lots of lush green foliage and beautiful flowers.

Over the years I have had this plant in my yard I have watched it blossom and grow and I feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction that I have care for and nurtured it.
I would invite you all as you spend time in your gardens in the month of March please share your experiences and photos on social media with the Hashtag #WildernessRevival. Appreciate nature the way your ancestors used to.

I would invite you all as you spend time in your gardens in the month of March please share your experiences and photos on social media with the Hashtag #WildernessRevival. Appreciate nature the way your ancestors used to.

#WildernessRevival; the domesticated dog is a huge part of white culture

#WildernessRevival; appreciate nature they way your ancestors used to. .

Today we are talking about our animal companions, dogs! They encourage us to stay connected to our wild, outdoors-loving, selves! Did you know that Europeans were the first to domesticate dogs?

“Man’s best friend gained that title in Europe, according to a new study that pinpoints the origin of dog domestication to between 18,800 and 32,100 years ago.

The study places the origin of dogs before the rise of agriculture, suggesting that human hunter-gatherers tamed the wolf. Whereas previous genetic studies had placed the origin of dogs in the Middle East or Asia, this research is the first to focus on the genetics of ancient dogs, rather than looking at modern dogs and trying to extrapolate back.

“All modern dogs analyzed in our study were closely related to either ancient dogs and wolves from Europe or modern wolves from there,” study scientist Olaf Thalmann, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku in Finland, told LiveScience…”

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#WildernessRevival, Nature Journals

#WildernessRevival, nature journals! The idea is to go into nature, observe it and record it. How does it grow, how does it move, how does it migrate, how does it change, how does it freeze, how does it thaw?
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#WildernessRevival, Nature Table Tuesday!

#WildernessRevival; it’s nature table Tuesday! A nature table is a small nook, corner, shelf or table in your home on which you place lovely bits of nature that you have gathered from your yard, the park or from walks. It’s a way of bringing the seasons inside. It’s one of my children’s favorite spots in our home. We always add religious symbols as well to remember who gave us our beautiful world.
I invite you to put together a nature table today, if you don’t have one already and share a picture of it. Please remember to tag me @wifewithapurpose and use the hashtag #wildernessrevival!
Wilderness Revival, appreciate nature the way your ancestors used to!

#WildernessRevival, Peas and Thor

In Norse legend, peas, an important staple crop of Europeans, were a gift from the God Thor. Peas date back at least 5,000 years in Germanic and Norse areas of Europe. Do you like peas? What’s your favorite type of pea or pea related recipe? I love sugar snap peas with ranch and split pea soup is one of my all time favorite meals but I can’t get my family to love it as much as I do. LOL #wildernessrevival “Appreciate nature the way your ancestors used to.”