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Family History: A blessing for all

a post by @atraditionalguy on twitter

I was recently going through some records that had become available on a family history website I hold an account with when I came across two records which were vitally important for answering some questions regarding my dad’s family. Filled with excitement I printed the two records and took them with me when I recently visited dad to show them to him.

When I presented the records to my dad and I went through them with him his face lit up with happiness and we talked about the family members that were listed on it. Dad explained in great detail the street that his family lived on, many of the houses in their street were occupied by family members.


My grandads family lived in one house, next door were another family who my grandad’s aunt married into. Next door to them was the son of my granddad’s uncle and his family and finally across the road was my grandad’s uncle himself and the rest of his family.

The other record has my grandmother and her mother living in the very house that my dad would be born in two years after the record was taken.

My dad and I spoke for a great length of time and he gave me some other names to look into to see if I can find anything on them. I could clearly see that talking with me about our family made my dad happy as he remembered his childhood.

Family history is not only a blessing to us because we can find out our precious heritage but it blesses those who we talk to about it and makes them happy. Finally it brings honour to our ancestors as we learn about them and remember them.

The Royal Wedding!

I broke down the royal wedding today. She’s divorced, she’s American, she’s black….what are traditionalists saying about this and what are the highlights that we #TradLifers can glean from this historic event? Check out my full article here.

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Lest We Forget: ANZAC Day 2018

By A Traditional Guy

Anzac day is a national day of remembrance in Australia & New Zealand observed annually on the 25th of April. Anzac day was originally to commemorate and honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli during the first world war. Since then it now commemorates all Australian and New Zealanders who have served and died in all wars, conflicts and peace keeping operations throughout history.

Anzac day for me begins as it does for many very early in the morning with the dawn service. I am normally up and out of the house around 4am on the way through to the park where the service will be held I pick up my friend and we aim to arrived around 4:30. The dawn service is a very special and moving occasion where we pay our respects to those who have served our country and those who paid the ultimate price in their service of their country.

Anzac day is a wonderful tradition in this country and one which has been with us almost as long as Australia has existed as a nation. Australia had only been a country for 14 years when our brave troops landed at Anzac Cove on the 25 of April 1915.

We will always commemorate those who have served our country in any capacity and we will remember them

Lest We Forget.

March for White South Africans in Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia. April 8, 2018. Today nearly 3000 people gathered for a rally in Perth, Australia in support of the white South African farmers who are facing genocide.

White South Africans colonized an unoccupied area in South Africa hundreds of years ago. Once they built prosperous cities, Africans who lived to the north began to migrate down into the area. For years apartied, or segregation, allowed black Africans to work but not live inside the white cities there.

An international outcry against this segregation saw it come to an end in recent decades, however now that black south Africans have flooded into town and cities built by whites, many of these black Africans actively hunt down whites for attacks. This happens within the cities but has reached the level of genocide in the countryside where white farm families are targeted, tortured and slaughtered.

Recently new laws in South Africa, pushed through by black South African leadership, have begun seizing land from white farmers and throwing them off of it, leaving them especially vulnerable and without any means to support their families. Refugee camps have spring up and white families face unbearable hardships.

This crisis is either over looked or totally justified by racist, mainstream media, who repeatedly try to justify this genocide because the vicitims of are white, ethnic Europeans.

Perth’s rally today was to show support but also to propose aide to their brothers and sisters in South Africa.

Diplomatic efforts, economic pressure, humanitarian visas, and/or coordinated are all on the table for those at the rally today, who all agree something must be done to help the white South Africans in need.

Pictures from A Traditional Guy on Twitter.

A Traditional Guy’s video of the event on YouTube…

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Finding a gem: A reminder to preserve our precious culture

By A Tradional Guy @atraditionalguy

Recently while I was out for a walk I came across some junk that had been put out for a curb side rubbish collection. There were piles of rubbish at most every house I had past and I had carried on past them without a second thought however something stopped at this particular pile of junk. As I cast my eye over it I noticed it was a general collection of household rubbish however one particular box caught my eye. It was a box of crockery and porcelain items most of which were unremarkable however one item caught my attention completely.

It was an egg shaped item with little flecks of glitter and the most precious images around it’s surface. The images are of the most beautiful white figures I have ever seen on a piece like this before. I knew immediately that I was blessed to find this rare and beautiful gem so without hesitation I picked it up and brought it home.

When I got home I placed the item on my desk and just sat there for a while and studied it thinking how wonderful it was that I found it. As I continued to look at it a thought came to me.

If I had not come across that box of what someone else thought to be rubbish and saved this priceless gem it would have surely been destroyed and lost forever. As I reflected on this concept I thought about white culture and how precious it is and how like the little egg I found it stands to be in danger of being lost forever.

Finding the egg has served to remind me that our culture is beautiful and precious. It needs to be preserved and protected because it is unique and once it is lost we can’t get it back again. Which is why we must do everything we can to make sure our culture is not lost.