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Is free speech in Australia under threat?

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

Here in Australia we sometimes fall into the thinking that things we see happening overseas can’t happen, or won’t, happen to us. Our isolation and not being connected by land to any other country contributes to this thinking. The rest of the world seems so far away from here.

These past few months we have seen some very troubling events going on with regards to free speech in the UK. Lauren Southern, Martin Sellner & Brittany Pettibone were all prevented from entering the country in March of this year. More recently Tommy Robinson was arrested and jailed for 13 months, Tommy is a citizen of the United Kingdom and he was jailed because he was trying to exercise his right of free speech.

So, at this stage I would pose the question; is free speech under threat in Australia?

To help answer this question we should look at couple of things happening here in Australia right now.

Next month Lauren Southern is visiting Australia, she is doing a tour and visiting all 5 capital cities on the mainland. Mainstream media and others are calling for her to be banned from coming here similar to what happened in the UK. I wrote about this here.

The second item to help answer this question is what is happening to Australian TV presenter and media personality Sonia Kruger?

On July 18 2016 Sonia said on the Nine Network’s Today Show that Australia’s boarders should be closed to Muslims in the wake of the terrorist attack in Nice.

There was nothing in this video that Sonia said that would be considered wrong or hateful by the broader community. She was, in fact, voicing an opinion held by many Australians. However, as a result of this statement she made nearly two years ago Sonia is now facing a racial vilification case and as a result of that a directions hearing will be held on the June 19th.

For the record, the complaint against Sonia has been made by Sam Ekermawi, a Muslim living in Australia. It should be noted that Mr. Ekermawi has been involved in 32 hearings before courts and tribunals, 22 of them related to vilification complaints, according to evidence heard by the tribunal.

There are those in Australia, myself included, who see this directions hearing for what it really is- an attack on free speech in Australia. We have been actively showing our support for Sonia on social media and campaigning to keep our freedom of speech in Australia.

So, the answer is – yes – free speech in Australia is under threat right now. I will continue to support Sonia and make a stand for freedom speech in this country. We all need to continue to fight and protect our free speech in Australia before it is too late and we lose it forever.

Amy Mek comes under attack and is in danger

post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

Amy Mek is an American patriot who loves God, her family and her President. She speaks out truthfully and strongly about many issues and is someone who should be supported and encouraged in the work that she does. This however has not been the case recently.

Amy has come under heavy attack to the point when her and her immediate family are in danger. Luke O’Brien from The Huffington Post wrote a scathing article fully attacking Amy on all fronts.  However do you think Luke O’Brien was satisfied with just an article, no he then proceeded to harass Amy and her family and friends for information that he could use to dox her with. This led Amy to turn to her twitter followers to desperately plead for help.


Amy made attempts to stop Luke O’Brien from contacting her but still he persisted in his attempts to dox her. Even after she blocked him he resorted to calling her personal cell phone and e-mailing her.


This kind of gutter journalism is not only morally wrong but down right dangerous. When these “journalistic professionals” write fake news like this attacking good people and then try to (and in some cases succeed) dox them. It causes so much anguish & stress for the person being attacked.

The people being attacked often:

  • Undergo extreme mental distress from the attacks
  • They or their partners may often lose their jobs and then find it hard to get normal jobs after the attacks
  • They fear for the lives of their children if they have any.
  • They may have to move to a new location in an attempt to protect themselves and their families from further attacks

What makes matters worse in Amy’s situation is that some members of her extended family have taken to social media to openly attack her and remove their support from her.

amy4This is totally disgusting and abhorrent. Amy’s family should be rallying around her and supporting her as much as they can without question not turning their backs on her and throwing her to the wolves.



Amy right now needs all the love and support she can get from us all. She is being forced into a very dark and dangerous situation where even her own family are turning on her. We need to rally around her and give her all the support we can.

Please head over to twitter retweet Amy’s tweets and leave her encouraging  and supportive comments and messages. We need to show her she is not alone,we are with her and will fight this evil that has come and attacked her mercilessly

Tommy Robinson’s arrest: How it affects everyone

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

Friday last week Tommy Robinson was arrested in Leeds while he was covering a case outside a Leeds court. A few days later I made a video not addressing his situation specifically but instead I spoke about the must broader issue of our free speech being censored and how it affects all of us.

Lauren Southern coming to Australia: The campaign to ban her

post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

As some of you may remember Canadian right-wing independent journalist and activist Lauren Southern was on the 12th of March 2018 was refused entry to the U.K. at the French city of Calais. She was detained for several hours and then sent on her way. She was permanently barred for ever entering the U.K again. The reason from the UK Home office for her refusal of entry was her entry was not conducive to the “public good”

This is only one of many instances where freedom of the press has been shut down, here are a few recent examples. Britany Pettibone & Martin Sellner were denied entry to the UK on March 9th 2018 and banned from the country. Faith Goldy was very recently attacked by ANTIFA and the mainstream media did not do anything about it. Finally as recently as last Friday the 25th of May 2018 Tommy Robinson was arrested and jailed for 13 months for doing nothing illegal.

Now imagine my happiness when I find out Lauren Southern is coming to Australia with Stefan Molyneux in july. The announcement can be found here

This makes extremely happy because of all the excellent work Lauren has done in South Africa with her Farmlands documentary about the White Farm Murders. A Subject matter which is very close to my heart.


However my happiness and excitement soon turned to anger as I found out there is an active campaign here in Australia to have Lauren banned from coming into the country for her tour.

Only a few days ago Cosmopolitan Magazine a publication which claims to “empower young women”  ran this headline about Lauren.


Further to this Asher Wolf on twitter is outright calling for Lauren to be banned from entering Australia. Clearly this person does not believe in free speech and freedom of the media which are basic principals Australia has in it’s society.


Australia is not the UK this cannot be allowed to happen here. I encourage all of my fellow Australians who believe in freedom of the press and free speech to speak up about this issue and support Lauren and Stefan by going to their events. We have to stand up and protect our society and our values now or we will lose them forever.