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Ireland: Last Stand of Western Christendom

“I was carried into a cabin, and lay there for eight days, when I had the [baby] born dead. I lay for three weeks after that. The whole of my family got the fever, and one boy thirteen years old, died with want and with hunger while we were lying sick.” Those are the words of Bridget O’Donnel as told to a journalist over 150 years ago during the Irish Famine.

Ireland, like all of the Western world, has endured great hardship. They have struggled as individuals and as people through unbelievable pain, often watching their own beloved children slip through their fingers into death which makes this weekend’s vote in Ireland, to potentially legalize abortion, all the more shocking

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Family History: A blessing for all

a post by @atraditionalguy on twitter

I was recently going through some records that had become available on a family history website I hold an account with when I came across two records which were vitally important for answering some questions regarding my dad’s family. Filled with excitement I printed the two records and took them with me when I recently visited dad to show them to him.

When I presented the records to my dad and I went through them with him his face lit up with happiness and we talked about the family members that were listed on it. Dad explained in great detail the street that his family lived on, many of the houses in their street were occupied by family members.


My grandads family lived in one house, next door were another family who my grandad’s aunt married into. Next door to them was the son of my granddad’s uncle and his family and finally across the road was my grandad’s uncle himself and the rest of his family.

The other record has my grandmother and her mother living in the very house that my dad would be born in two years after the record was taken.

My dad and I spoke for a great length of time and he gave me some other names to look into to see if I can find anything on them. I could clearly see that talking with me about our family made my dad happy as he remembered his childhood.

Family history is not only a blessing to us because we can find out our precious heritage but it blesses those who we talk to about it and makes them happy. Finally it brings honour to our ancestors as we learn about them and remember them.