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Tommy Robinson’s arrest: How it affects everyone

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Friday last week Tommy Robinson was arrested in Leeds while he was covering a case outside a Leeds court. A few days later I made a video not addressing his situation specifically but instead I spoke about the must broader issue of our free speech being censored and how it affects all of us.

“Your Rights…Have Been Forfeited”: Speaking With Faith Goldy About T o m m y R o b i n s o n’s Horrifying Arrest

The one-day arrest, trial and convection of journalist T o m m y R o b i n s o n should horrify us all. I spoke with Faith Goldy about what independent journalists in the West are facing right now as the police turn their backs and judges sentence people to death.

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“No Understanding of Dignity”: Reacting to the Condescending Tone of the Royal Wedding

Was that meant to be a ‘breath of fresh air?’ It lacked taste. The Queen is the head of the Church of England. She doesn’t need a lecture at her grandson’s wedding.” the text came across my phone and as I read it I couldn’t help but nod my head.

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The Royal Wedding!

I broke down the royal wedding today. She’s divorced, she’s American, she’s black….what are traditionalists saying about this and what are the highlights that we #TradLifers can glean from this historic event? Check out my full article here.

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