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“Still Think Liberals Aren’t Trying to Normalize Pedophilia?”: Show Dogs Movie is Teaching Kids Bad Tricks

Many of us are used to Hollywood coming out with movies we don’t allow our children to see, even those aimed at kids can often have too much sex, violence or swearing. Occasionally, movies may have other elements we feel strongly against such as sibling rivalry, environmentalism, paganism, anti-God, anti-America or anti-white messages but nothing, and I mean nothing can prepare you for the reviews the new Show Dogs movie is getting.

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#WildernessRevival, Nature Table Tuesday!

#WildernessRevival; it’s nature table Tuesday! A nature table is a small nook, corner, shelf or table in your home on which you place lovely bits of nature that you have gathered from your yard, the park or from walks. It’s a way of bringing the seasons inside. It’s one of my children’s favorite spots in our home. We always add religious symbols as well to remember who gave us our beautiful world.
I invite you to put together a nature table today, if you don’t have one already and share a picture of it. Please remember to tag me @wifewithapurpose and use the hashtag #wildernessrevival!
Wilderness Revival, appreciate nature the way your ancestors used to!

#WildernessRevival, Peas and Thor

In Norse legend, peas, an important staple crop of Europeans, were a gift from the God Thor. Peas date back at least 5,000 years in Germanic and Norse areas of Europe. Do you like peas? What’s your favorite type of pea or pea related recipe? I love sugar snap peas with ranch and split pea soup is one of my all time favorite meals but I can’t get my family to love it as much as I do. LOL #wildernessrevival “Appreciate nature the way your ancestors used to.”

California Assembly Bill Aimed at Homeschoolers

I recently received this by email, please share this post or copy and paste this info and share across social media.

Assembly Bill Aimed at Homeschoolers

On Friday, February 17, 2018, AB 2756 was introduced in the California Assembly by Assembly Members Medina, Eggman and Gonzalez Fletcher.

The authors claim that the bill would protect children enrolled in home-based private schools by ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. The bill would not accomplish that purpose, and must be seen for what it is: a bald grab for the power of the state to enter private homes.

The HSC Board and legal team believe this bill not only fails completely to achieve the stated goal, it imposes an unacceptable risk not only to the right to educate children at home, but also to the privacy rights of law-abiding citizens. We encourage all of our members to learn about the bill and about these risks, and to contact their own state Assembly members to voice their opposition.


Here is the full text and statement by the Board and Legal Team of the Homeschool Association of California,

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Stephanie Hood, HSC County Contacts Coordinator