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Ireland: Last Stand of Western Christendom

“I was carried into a cabin, and lay there for eight days, when I had the [baby] born dead. I lay for three weeks after that. The whole of my family got the fever, and one boy thirteen years old, died with want and with hunger while we were lying sick.” Those are the words of Bridget O’Donnel as told to a journalist over 150 years ago during the Irish Famine.

Ireland, like all of the Western world, has endured great hardship. They have struggled as individuals and as people through unbelievable pain, often watching their own beloved children slip through their fingers into death which makes this weekend’s vote in Ireland, to potentially legalize abortion, all the more shocking

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Independent Journalist Faith Goldy attacked by ANTIFA

a post by @atraditionalguy

*** Update: Since this incident took place Faith has been banned from Patreon***

Canadian Catholic Nationalist & independent journalist Faith Goldy has for some time now been covering the massive boarder crisis gripping Canada due to the reckless boarder polices of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This policy has opened the boarder to a fake refugee crisis as Canada’s boarder is being overrun by people flooding into the country with more than 50,000 illegal entries by people into Canada in 2017.


As part of her ongoing covereage to tell what is really happening at the Canadian boarder Faith and a traveling companion she took with her for personal security recently visited Lacolle Quebec which sits just north of the Canadian & US boarder. She went there after seeing a promotion of a gathering which read “Open The Boarders! Refugees Welcome! Stop the racist far right!” with the location and the time of the meeting being given.

On arriving in the area and seeing the group it became clear that they were only interested in refugees and were not happy with Faith being there. Most of the time Faith spent there was uneventful and she decided to move on. However before the left she spoke to some Police Officers that were nearby who informed her that there was a right wing counter protest happening father up the road. With that Faith and her companion returned to their car and headed up the road.

Once arriving up the road at first glance it appeared Faith and her companion were a group of mostly friendly people however when Faith realised as she got closer that there were no national or provincial flags anywhere it soon became evident that they were not among a group of right wing people as the Police said that they were but in fact the Police had directed Faith and her companion right into a den of ANTIFA supporters. It was around this time that the ANTIFA realised who Faith was too.

Now at this time I would like to pause and point out three key facts about the scene here.

  1. There was a Police presence at the scene both uniformed officers and officers in riot gear
  2. There were members of the mainstream media there filming
  3. Faith and her companion were only two people against a mob of ANTIFA

At no point during their time there did Faith or her companion make any aggressive action or say anything provocative towards the members of ANTIFA. Faith did introduce herself in a proper and respectful way and let her camera do it’s work as and good journalist would do.

However this did not stop the member of ANTIFA from hurling insults at them such as “Neo Nazi” and “Fascist” as Faith and her companion were being totally surrounded by ANTIFA. They also were spitting on them too. “Males” of the group also took swings at Faith to try to knock her phone (which was recording the footage) out of her hand. Then the most striking encounter from the entire scene took place.

Now we should pause here and ask ourselves what did the Police in riot gear do during this altercation where Faith and her companion (who did nothing to provoke an attack) were assaulted by ANTIFA? Did they step in and protect two innocent people from being attacked by a mob of people who were intent on harming them? Why no not at all, they stood by and did nothing.

Have the mainstream media used their extensive footage of the incident to report on it and show what happened to Faith and her companion at the hands of ANTIFA? No they have not.

To the best of my knowledge Faith and her companion escaped the incident without any serious injury which is something to be extremely thankful for. The Lord watching over them.

Faith’s complete video from the incident can be viewed here

Which now brings me to the second part of this Faith being banned from Patreon

On May 22nd Faith came onto her twitter account and informed her followers that she had received an e-mail informing her she has been banned from the Patron crowdfunding website for “Hate Speech”


Now the funny thing is their as I said at the top of the article that Faith has been pushing the Canadian boarder issue for some time now and has been vocal about other issues in the past without being banned from Patron. So why all of sudden does her account get kicked? Clearly it is a result of her encounter with ANTIFA. Not long after she made the footage of ANTIFA attacking on her public then bang her Patreon is knocked out. I will let you guys draw your own conclusion about this but to me it is far too conveniently timed not to be connected.

Of course to long term friends and supporters of Ayla who runs this website and various social media platforms this is a very familiar story. Early in 2017 she received some main stream media attention for her views. Very soon after this her Pateron was shut down for guess what…. yep “Hate Speech”

Now the key thing to remember here is people like Ayla, Faith and others like them rely on crowd funding sites such as Patreon to assist them with their work that they do because they often do not have other means of personal income to support their work.

Because of the nature of the work people like Ayla & Faith do they need to get personal security which becomes very expensive. So when patreon shuts down their pages it makes it harder for them to get the protection they need. Also once they are know for speaking out it often makes it harder for them and their spouses to work “regular jobs”

By Pateron shutting down their pages they are effectively trying to close down the good work these people are doing and it places them in danger.

I would encourage everyone to get out there and support your favourite content creators and help them with their vital work because our values, society and culture needs protecting, the truth has to be told. They can’t stop the signal!

Changes in Life

A post from @atraditionalguy on Twitter.

At times in our lives we may reach a crossroad or a point of reflection where we look back at the choices we have made and the decisions which led us to where we are today. These times are often times when we closely examine ourselves and re prioritise what is important in our lives.

These times may involve us looking at the career path we have chosen for ourselves, it may be who we associate with in our lives or something as simple as drinking Pepsi instead of Coke.

It may also be which Church we choose to attend.

These times should always be used to improve ourselves and to make positive changes in our lives which enrich us both physically and spiritually and while these times make be challenging they will improve us and we will be better for them.

In all of the changes and reflection that I am going through right now the first thing I always do is get on my knees and pray to God. Two scriptures always come to mind .

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

This scripture serves to remind me that if I firstly seek God in all things he will guide my path, keep me safe and show me where I need to be in life.

The second scripture that comes to mind is

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

If we have Jesus Christ in our life then we can overcome anything, nothing is too hard for us. The times where we reflect and doubt what we have done in our lives will be manageable because of The Son of God.

I try to live my life by these faithful Christian standards which makes sense given my family motto in Latin is Constans Fidei which translates to Steadfast Faith

Why I’m Leaving the Label “Alt Right” Behind

A few years ago I was just a Paleo conservative, libertarian leaning, anti feminist who was concerned with the direction the Social Justice Warriors were going in regards to the deliberate destruction of both white culture, as well as white people themselves both in Europe and the rest of Western Civilization so when I stumbled across the “Alt Right,” first under the public figures of Christians like Vox Day and Paul Ramsey, I was naturally inclined to pick up the label.

I was used to interacting cheerfully with a variety of beliefs and I figured that if we all had the same end goals I could work with these figures…

It never much bothered me that atheists, or pagans were involved in the movement because as a former pagan myself I was used to interacting cheerfully with a variety of beliefs and I figured that if we all had the same end goals I could work with these figures -and for the most part I still think that is true, however, since both Vox Day and Paul Ramsey dropped the label of Alt Right and/or dropped their involvement in the cause, I have been pondering the label.

Certainly all the lies about what happened in Charlottesville didn’t help and even though an independent report showed that the violence that day did not come from the Alt Right, the stigma, which was entirely fabricated by the media, stuck around.

I tend to dig my heels in and not let others define me, however in the past 9 months since Charlottesville I have been careful not to directly identify as “Alt Right” since the term seemed to be in great flux.

…I continued to identify first and foremost as a Christian…

Instead I continued to identify first and foremost as a Christian, as I have for these many years, and summed up my politics as “dissonant right” or “identitarian” – both lables I’m still fairly comfortable with at present.

I was not alone in this as many people who and been self labeling as Alt Right or who had been labeled as Alt Right drew away from this lable in the wake of society’s refusal to allow us to define who we were but instead simply paint us all with the broad brush of “Nazi.”

We all sought the same thing; self determination for white people in white lands. The right to preserve our people and our culture…

Whatever we wanted to call our movement didn’t really matter to me anyway. We all sought the same thing; self determination for white people in white lands. The right to preserve our people and our culture from the attacks both mentally, spiritually and physically coming from the radical Left and global elite.

I still seek those things, however, there has been a few radical breakdowns in both the character and the conduct of major players in the movement.

First; Matthew Heimbach, someone know for being on the socialist and more “red neck” side of the movement, reportedly cheated on his wife (with whom he has two small children) and then physically assaulted her when she confronted him over it, even choking her in front of their children.

To say I don’t want to be associated with that is an understatement! That sort of behavior does NOT represent my values and frankly makes me very angry. His dear wife has my undying support but frankly Matthew needs to get himself right with God and the heck out of politics.

Now it’s one thing to believe that.. but it’s quite another to come on to my Gab account and start harrassing me… when I’m simply posting about some Easter dinner recipes.

Second, as Easter approached this year I began seeing the same tired “Easter is a pagan celebration” meme being tossed at me from people within our movement. Now it’s one thing to believe that, which I do not, but it’s quite another to come on to my Gab account and start harrassing me declaring my God to be fake when I’m simply posting about some Easter dinner recipes.

I made a response video …and stopped responding to attacks.

Even still, I was happy to go on my way. I made a response video so people knew where I stood, and where the facts stood on the issue, and stopped responding to attacks. I didn’t associate my attackers with the Alt Right specifically until today when I saw this Tweet from Spencer…

So, the supposed atheist “leader” of the Alt Right, Richard Spencer, published this article on his website,, claiming that Easter is pagan and I just have to ask, why? Why would he do that?

Why would he do that?

If he’s an atheist why would he care, he has no dog in this fight? Second, he is well aware that the Alt Right movement contains many Christians, why would he counter signal them like this and side with pagans especially over a myth (that Easter is Pagan) so ridiculous even Huffington Post knows better than to make that claim anymore?

(Seriously, it’s not pagan. Not at all.)

Now, I’m not saying you can’t be pagan or that you can’t celebrate the spring equinox, I’m simply saying that isn’t where Easter comes from.

Why is anyone…being divisive in the movement?

But OK, no matter where you stand; Christian, Pagan, Atheist or other, why is anyone going around starting trouble and being divisive within the movement?

Frankly, I’m tired of “alt righters” constantly telling me I worship a “Jew on a stick” and I was happy to ignore them as outliers until I see this divisive article on (which also happens to make us look intellectually defunct).

Why would I continue to…defend and reclaim this label?

So I’m left wondering why would I continue to endure personal attacks and death threats to defend and reclaim this label? It’s dead, it’s gone.

I still hold all the same beliefs…

As I said in the beginning of this article, I still hold all the same beliefs I held years ago when I stumbled across the Alt Right but the term itself has changed or shrunk down such that I find myself outside of it now. It no longer reflects Vox Day’s 16 points of the Alternative Right and now openly attacks my faith from the highest levels up.

The term… is not really needed…Christian works just fine…

The term “Alt Right” is not really needed to describe my beliefs anyway. Plain ol’ Christian works just fine.

God created the world, the races and the nations; defending all of them and preserving all of them, in their homelands, means being a good steward of God’s creation. Gen 10:32

God expects us to defend our borders. Ez 22: 30

God commands us to honor our parents and where we come from. To abandon our people is to abandon the ancestry, heritage and lineage that God gave us. Exodus 20:12

We are commanded to have families, to have many children and raise them in the faith to protect and defend their people. Psalm 127:3-5

We are commanded to protect and cherish our women and keep them safe hence we cannot allow people and cultures into our country which harm and mistreat our women. Ephesians 5:28

We are commanded to love and protect our family and serve them first. 1Timothy 5:8

We are commanded to love our neighbor, which does not mean the whole world at once, but our literal neighbor whom we share our nation and culture with. Matthew 22:36-39

The Bible speaks against false notions of equality in earthly ability (while it speaks to the equality in the worth of souls). Proverbs 22:7 says, “The rich rules over the poor.” In fact, inequality is such a built in part of God’s creation that we are commanded not to covet the things other people have; it’s one of the 10 commandments. Exodus 20:17

I have no desire to fight with anyone trying to secure a future for our people…

So, in short, I’m happy to work with a variety of people who have common interests and goals and I have no desire to fight with anyone trying to secure a future for our people.

Outside of promoting healthy women’s roles I don’t think women have a place in politics anyway.

Outside of promoting healthy women’s roles I don’t think women have a place in politics anyway.

So, I will personally no longer be using the Alt Right label while still retaining all of the same beliefs I’ve advocated the past few years; that of traditionalism, sovereignty and faith.

God bless.

(Side Note: Word Press has the weirdest habit of going back and changing some words randomly AFTER I press publish. I didn’t point them all out here when I read but I think I’ve gone back and caught them all. It’s hard because I will change them and then hit “publish” and it will change them back. Like defunked? Really Word Press? I wrote out “defunct.” Also some of the links work for me but other have reported they don’t work for them. Please leave me a comment if you have trouble with a link.)