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Vote for Faith Goldy!

Toronto has the most amazing, dedicated, talented and SMART mayoral candidate running right now. She is a dear friend of mine, Faith Goldy. Mr. Steve “You can’t restore your civilization with someone else’s babies, white baby challenge” King himself has endorsed her! Amazing! Here…

“Your Rights…Have Been Forfeited”: Speaking With Faith Goldy About T o m m y R o b i n s o n’s Horrifying Arrest

The one-day arrest, trial and convection of journalist T o m m y R o b i n s o n should horrify us all. I spoke with Faith Goldy about what independent journalists in the West are facing right now as the police…

Independent Journalist Faith Goldy attacked by ANTIFA

a post by @atraditionalguy *** Update: Since this incident took place Faith has been banned from Patreon*** Canadian Catholic Nationalist & independent journalist Faith Goldy has for some time now been covering the massive boarder crisis gripping Canada due to the reckless boarder polices…

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