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#WildernessRevival Thank you so much

Well we have reached the end of March and our campaign for the month #WildernessRevival. We have seen so much wonderful content going up on social media over the past month it has been marvellous. While March has now ended we encourage you to…

#WildernessRevival; the domesticated dog is a huge part of white culture

#WildernessRevival; appreciate nature they way your ancestors used to. . Today we are talking about our animal companions, dogs! They encourage us to stay connected to our wild, outdoors-loving, selves! Did you know that Europeans were the first to domesticate dogs? “Man’s best friend…

Being Shepherds to the People and Companions in Our Lives

The author’s dog, Amy. Today we have another great post from @atraditionalguy on Twitter. Just over two years ago an event occurred in our lives which would serve to remind me of the importance of individual people in all that we do. At the…

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