About WWAP Ministries


This is a personal website connected to the Wife With A Purpose ministry. This is a wholesome, uplifting space for the promotion of traditional Christian living.

“To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” Titus 2:5

We have an epidemic in the Western world right now. In America and Europe citizens have become self obsessed, lazy, fat, demanding, spoiled, loud, controlling, egotistical and mentally ill. Feminism, homosexuality, atheism, hedonism, and transgender-ism are being promoted while the hard work and priorities of family and faith have all but died away and this pattern is killing us, physically and spiritually.


The aim of this online magazine is to support the revolution of radical traditionalism.

 Whether found in protestant gatherings, Catholic traditions, the tea-party, Trump supporters, Mormon families, Amish barn raisings, Old Order or Conservative Mennonites, the purity movement, the stay-at-home daughter movement, homesteading, quiver-full, patriarchy movement, the fight against Islam, traditional homemaking, the hopeful repeal of the 19th amendment, or the quest to keep our countries from being over run with migrants and illegal aliens, etc, we will explore how peoples everywhere are saying yes to hard work, yes to big families, yes to the Lord and His plan for our families and our future. 


“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” 1 Timothy 5:8

(While this blog’s author is LDS this blog is not connected to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

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28 thoughts on “About WWAP Ministries

  1. Informative and a little bit disturbing. It should not take societal security clearance for a woman to have children (as many as she wants), enjoy the companionship of her husband and treat home making as a worth while career.

    As I posted on Twitter, it would seem that modern Feminism is just envy of what it means to be male – viewed through biased, jaded and jealous eyes.


    • You think too highly of yourself. My blog header already said European people so I thought this description should match. Outside of our brief interaction I’ve never thought about you or your accusations against me, not once. Also inspiring white people is also NOT white supremacy. Do you believe that the NAACP is black supremacy? Seriously, you’re embarrassing yourself. Please, get a hobby and stop hating yourself and your people.

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  2. European and white are virtually synonymous. One can use them interchangeably, unless you wish to denote more specific differences within the white race. There is also the difference in how Europeans view themselves (nationalist) versus how white Americans view themselves (mix of European nationalities).

    So, at best Mr. Snider is being a pendant. A wrongful pendant at that.


  3. Self loathing is always unattractive, be it self loathing Jews, self loathing Blacks, or self loathing whites. If Black is beautiful, and it surely is, then white is beautiful, too. White genocide is underway and anyone with eyes to see can recognize this agenda. Barbara Lerner Spectre et al.

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  4. Such a lovely site. I am so happy to have been referred here from Daily Stormer. As I read I am wondering, are you another WN woman who shuns birth control? Cheers 🙂


    • I’m not strictly a WN. I believe in WN for Europe but I’m more like a white-majority nationalist for America. I shun birth control when medically possible but I do so as a Christian woman, not as a WN. 😀


  5. Hi Ayla
    I have been aware of your twitter for about a year and I look forward to reading your blog. Like yourself, I have a deep appreciation for the Duggar family and their lifestyle. I used to wonder why the Duggars are so hated, even by some who call themselves Christians but then it hit me; The Duggars are everything are culture hates wrapped into a single package.

    1. A large family
    2. Homeschooled
    3. Highly religious (and by religious I mean Christian)
    4. A stern father who lovingly presides over his family
    5. A mother whose primary vocation in life is the nurturing of her children
    6. Children who not only love but respect their parents.
    7. Masculine sons and feminine daughters
    8. Patriotic

    The Duggar girls remind me that femininity in Christendom hasn’t totally gone to hell. It’s great to see young women who are of a healthy weight, with no tattoos or piercings, and long hair that isn’t colored blue, green or purple. They dress attractively while still being modest. They wisely prepare for marriage and motherhood. They don’t see patriarchy as unjust but recognize it as God’s righteous design for humanity.

    The values that I admire in the Duggars I also see in you and your household. Its a comforting reminder that some are resisting cultural decline. Bless you.


  6. Is there an appeals process for people who have been blocked by your twitter account who are curious as to the reasons why and the possibility of reversing the block?


  7. As a fellow American you have every right to be proud of your heritage, just like every other American. You have every right to be attracted to a certain ethnicity, and want to reproduce with a person from that heritage. In short, you have every right to believe whatever you choose to believe… Here’s the problem I’m having though. It is not Christian to push your ethics/morals onto others when it comes to who they choose to have children with. Challenging others to produce “white” babies is what it read as. I would like to think that what you meant to portray was: ‘I have 5-6 white babies, how many white babies do you have.’ I can understand how even that could be inflammatory to some, because it still leaves the assumption that you only care about/want to see white babies. That could be interpreted that you have no love for other babies. As a mother myself I cannot comprehend not having any compassion for a baby because of a pigment in their skin, so I will not assume the latter.

    Here’s the real issue I’m having though. So you don’t seem to fully approve of intercultural mixing of races (and that’s your prerogative), but like it or not this is where we are now as a society. To summarize I pray that you review and fully accept the serenity prayer, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Remember that just as you do not appreciate people trying to change the way you feel about the subject, others do not appreciate feeling like you are telling them that the love that they have for their significant other is wrong because they are not the same ethnicity. I understand that this may not be what you were trying to portray, but it is and may continue to be interpreted like this by some.

    I pray that you find peace and solace to be satisfied with your life and your beliefs without reaching out for acceptance from others. You do not need others to believe as you believe, because that is not the definition of true Faith.


  8. I found it interesting that the media shoved the fake bomb threats against jewish centers down our throats and hardly covered the arrest of the israeli jewish teen hoaxer but gave no coverage to the howard beach n.y. jogger who was raped and killed by a black boy who told detectives he did it because he hates whitey.p.s. i love the baby challenge here in n.y. my jewish friends have like 7 kids each especially the hasidic but i guess it is financially easier for them since most are on public support.Love your work keep up the good work and god bless!


  9. I am white. I am married. I have a big family. I work hard every day to support my family. I obey the laws. I pay my taxes. I want to be left alone by the government. I want nothing from them. I want to be left alone by the main stream media – and their relentless perverse and divisive lies and distortions. I want nothing from them. I want to be left alone by the world’s religions. I want nothing from them. I believe only what I know from direct experience, and what resounds within the deepest places of my human heart. I have no hate for anybody – not even those who hate me for no reason. I will defend myself and my family. I will teach my children not by my words or my ideas – but by my simple example of hard work and responsibility. I will love my wife until the bitter end. I do ask for permission or for forgiveness for what I am. I detest drugs and alcohol – and am the master of my addictive nature. I detest pornography – and am the master of my sexual nature. Both my addictive and sexual natures are natural – but what makes a man strong is his ability to master and harness their primal power without letting them destroy him. I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I identify with no religion or political ideology. However, those obsessed with identity politics would consider me “conservative” or even perhaps “right wing”. Those are their labels – not mine. I would give you the shirt off my back if you needed it – whether you have black skin, white skin, brown skin, hindu, muslim, jew, christian, Democrat , Republican. I would give you a black eye (or worse) if you tried to take my shirt from me – whether you have black skin, white skin, brown skin, hindu, muslim, jew, christian, Democrat , Republican. Leave me alone. If multiculturalism is your god, leave me alone. If globalism is your god, leave me alone. If feminism, nazism, socialism, capitalism, is your god, leave me alone. Keep your gods – just leave me alone. Let me live simple, clean. Let me love my children, my wife. I am white. I am married. I have a big family. I obey the laws. I work hard every day to support my family.

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  10. You realize that the alt-right is just a new name for neo-nazism right? The term itself was even created by a neo-nazi.


  11. With Facebook, you can block those trolls after reporting them for credible threats of violence, or hate speech towards a race or ethnic group. Another option is to set your privacy settings so your private page isn’t searchable on Facebook, and restrict friend requests to “friends of friends.”


  12. I like your post on the hate that is taught about whites on college campuses.Something that has been going on longer is the rape of white women by minorities.When the rapist is a stranger and not date rape the rapist is minority over 90% of the time.A race war has been going on in this country against whites for decades.


  13. Pingback: White Supremacist, “#TradLife” Activist, Doesn’t Understand Why Patreon Shut Down Her Page – Alt-Right Already

  14. Hi, I do appreciate your efforts.

    As a Mormon, you accept that the Gospel the Paul taught was one headed by those who have “revelation” and not by those taught by organizations of men without revelation at the head. Gal. 1:11-12 Right?

    But is there really any evidence that the leaders of the LDS church in our day have the gift to receive Word of the Lord oracles that was restored to the prophet Joseph?

    You should consider that this gift does exist on earth today, but the man foreordained to it was simply cast out of the LDS church. The gift was not taken from him because he was faithful to the Lord. These revelations bring forth the Lord’s secrets to His servants the Prophets showing the latter-day SHIFT from Gentile to Israel predicted in 3 Nephi 16:7-13 and many other things.



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