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My beloved,

I retired from political commentary in July of 2019 after a strong prompting of the Holy Spirit. 🙏 Until that time, I had been, for four years, a political commentator who used social media sites such as Twitter and Youtube to speak to current topics.

I gained quite a following and had roughly 100 thousand followers spread out across a few social media sites by the spring of 2017. That's when I got too big for the media and those who control the narrative to ignore anymore. I was a conservative and I was having an impact so they launched a smear campaign.

In spring of 2017, several far left news outlets, as well as journalists who wanted to pick up the story for click bait, created the lie that I had claimed white people should outbreed black people. I have never said that, I have never said anything close to that.

I was one of the first targets of the far left trying to smear any conservative as a "white supremacist."

At this point I had been dealing with some stalkers (unfortunately par for the course in media) but these lies (think the Covington Catholic scandal) made the problem a million times worse.

My entire family faced deaths threats and extreme stalking from not only private individuals but journalists as well. They lied to me, they lied about me. They called my email companies pretending to be me to try and gain personal information. They offered friends and family money to lie about me.

All for the crime of supporting President Trump, his main platform and agenda when he ran for president.

Faith, family, freedom.

God, guns, guts.

Borders, Bibles, babies.

I was a former college liberal back in my college days, 15 years ago, and through having a large, Christian family I had seen the errors of liberal ideology first hand and could provide people a clear path out of the cult of liberalism. That made me dangerous.

The leaders of the Mormon church community we belonged to refused to offer aide when private citizens as well as church employees used their clearance within the Church to

steal my private information from the church data base and then turned around and threatened to rape and kill my family.

Glory to God I saw the truth of Mormonism during this time. While many Mormons are wonderful, faithful, people, the corruption in the church and their willingness to target a small town mother for being a Trump supporter, was enough to open my eyes. My family left that church.

After much prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit in the years since my family has been led to join another church and we are all quite happy. God can take even Satan's tricks and lies and turn that mess into a message! God can turn that sickness into salvation, and I am eternally grateful to the Lord for never leaving my side through all of this and for bringing my family into the light.

Through all of this I have been deplatformed, with no reason given, from Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Etsy, Pinterest, Tee Spring, Patreon, etc.

Stalkers have created numerous fake blogs, fake social media accounts, as well as photoshopped images and even spliced voice recordings from my YouTube channel together to create lies about me, my family and my beliefs.

I do believe we are entering a post internet time for conservatives. I was one of the first people banned from many sites such as Twitter and Patreon even though nothing I shared violated any rules nor was "hate speech" of any kind. In fact, I have constantly advocated God's love for ALL people. My most major crime was claiming white people as being an equal part of humanity too.

They are not only trying to prevent us from speaking but they are giving themselves a clear path to create more and more fake information about the average citizen so that they can take their next step which I believe is already happening as they arrest average citizens for posting memes. Soon they will arrest you for things you never even posted, things you never said.

Then we will all live on a new kind of terror and tyranny. The terror that if we raise our head even slightly, they will create a fake blog, a fake post, etc and claim we are terrorists, that we are dangerous.

As they let criminals back on the street through "prison reform" the prisons our ancestors built will become our gulags.

This is why it is CRUCIAL that you turn to Christ and Christ alone. Only Christ can save you. The prince of this world is Satan. Look toward heaven alone and may God bless you.

In Christ,

Ayla Stewart

September 13th, 2019

PS In recent months I have quit nearly every online forum, group and site. The only sites run by me are aylastewart.blogspot.com, wifewithapurpose.com, instagram.com/wifewithapurpose, instagram.com/theNestBuilders and my YouTube channel, all of which I am leaving up for now but have nearly entirely abandoned. Any other sites claiming to be me are fake. Thank you. God bless and remember, "Fear not." As our Lord commands. ~Ayla Stewart 2.17.20

"He who climbs never stops going from beginning to beginning, through beginnings that have no end. He never stops desiring what he already knows." –St. Gregory of Nissa
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