The Least of These

I just adore this image.

Now for some random thoughts/rant: Christ said, those who have ears to hear let them hear.

It never ceases to floor me that “good ” Christians have been so brainwashed as to think that being white is lesser than other races and that it is somehow just and right to take our culture and homelands from us and accuse us of racism that never happened.

Some of them are just ignorant, and I think God will forgive them, but some of them turn a blind eye to the truth. They love the world more than God.

They are disobeying God’s commandment to be in the world not of it. They are so scared of being called racist they won’t stand up for what’s right, what’s Godly. They continue to parrot what they know is a lie in order to be liked by the world.

I don’t know how God will judge them. When they hear stories like the young white girl who was raped just a few weeks ago in New York and beaten so badly she nearly died, and the black man who did it claimed it was pay back for slavery (and there are hundreds of such assaults on record) how do they hear that and then still participate in what Colin Flaherty calls the biggest hoax of our generation, the myth of black victimization?

How does that follow God’s commandment that whatever ye shall do to the least of these you do unto me? I don’t even think Colin Flaherty believes in God, I’m not sure, but by documenting the mass amounts of not just antiwhite racism but violence, assault rape and murder done to people in America just because they are white, by doing that, Colin is taking better care of the “least of these” than many people who profess to be Christian.

How do they think God will judge them when people are bleeding in the streets and they defend the attackers and prop up the lie the attackers use as an excuse?

I suppose this is why Christ said narrow is the way to heaven. To be a Christian means to be hated by the evil of the world, not loved by it.