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Why does our society keep arresting the wrong people?

From Courier News

Julian A. Calfy, 23, John A. Carollo, 28, and Nicholas R. Holloway, 20, appeared in felony bond hearings on Friday after officers say one of them posed as a 15-year-old boy online to lure a man to their home in Atkins to attack him.

According to a report obtained by The Courier, officers were dispatched to 5618 State Highway 105 North in Atkins after Calfy called 911 and informed police Holloway had created a fake account on Grindr, a dating app for individuals looking for same-sex relationships, and successfully lured and subdued a man they claimed is a child predator.
According to the report, Holloway admitted to posing as a 15-year-old male to convince the victim to meet. When the victim arrived, Calfy and Holloway told officers they removed him from the vehicle and ordered him to lay on the ground while they called 911 to report the incident. According to testimony, Calfy and Holloway released the victim before police arrived, but the victim called 911 to make a battery report.
According to a testimony given during felony bond hearings on Friday inside the Pope County Detention Center, the men struck the victim in the face and body, confronted him with two guns and a baseball bat and caused damage to the victim’s car.
The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Investigator testified that the victim had a laceration on his chest and a knot on his head the size of a golf ball.
The investigator testified that a search warrant was obtained sometime after the arrest at the home and the search would be conducted sometime that day.
Information from that search is not yet publicly available.
Pope County Sheriff Shane Jones declined to comment on the arrest because an investigation is ongoing. He also declined to comment on the status of the victim or give any indication whether he was truly a predator.
District Judge Don Bourne set their bonds at $50,000 each and each could face second-degree battery charges. They will appear in Pope County Circuit Court at a later date.”

From @ArthurFrayn on Gab

“Does anyone here on here like ? ? No?

Three civic minded young men are being prosecuted in Arkansas for trying to stop a ‘gay married’ chomo from preying on kids. A GoFundMe to help them out has been shut down. Please join me in supporting these brave boys. A statement from Billy Roper follows:

> John, Julian, and Nicholas, all under thirty, face charges of 2nd degree battery, standing accused of intervening when an adult male came to their home late at night believing he would be meeting with a fifteen year old child whom he had been grooming online. According to police reports, when the three young men confronted the attempted child predator and prepared to phone the police to come and arrest him, an altercation ensued. The attempted child predator was allowed to leave the residence, and did so before the police arrived after being called to arrest him for, as graphic irrefutable evidence will clearly show should the case go to trial, coming there with the expressed intent to pick up a fifteen year old boy and take him off to have sex, repeatedly stipulating that due to the age factor the fifteen year old could not tell anyone or involve the police.
> Here is the local newspaper account of the story.
> The attempted child predator, an adult male homosexual “married” to another man, falsely claimed that he was held against his will at gunpoint, but police found no firearms at the home during their search. Now, the three men who are accused of attempting a legal citizen’s arrest need your help to get adequate legal defense against the charge. Please contribute as much as you can to help them finance a lawyer. It’s not one person giving a lot, but a lot of people giving a little which will truly make a difference. If you have children whom you wish to protect from child predators, or if you agree that those who target children for sexual exploitation should not be protected by legal technicalities, please help Nicholas, Julian, and John go free. Any amount is appreciated, and those who care about children’s safety may mail concealed cash or a check or money order with the “pay to” blank to c/o Billy Roper, P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560. If you are known to us, you may e-mail to find out how you can conveniently and securely give online.
> Send a message to attempted pedophiles with your generous donation today, and on behalf of all innocent children, thank you!”