Whiteness Was Only Ever the First Step, We Must Take the Next One

“[The people] in Charlottesville were like lambs being led to the slaughter. They didnt understand what they were doing. They thought they were just innocent protestors, they were going to defend Robert E Lee and his statue and white identity and they walked into the machine gun fire…the American social engineers have destroyed everyone’s ethnic identity, regional identity, they destroyed the South and when the people had nothing left they just started identifying as white and played right into the hands of the people who wanted to destroy them.” – E Michael Jones

So we can keep playing into their hands like lambs or we can become lions and regionalists (as opposed to nationalists), Christian as opposed to white.

You alone cannot save the entire white race. You alone cannot reform your entire nation but you can have a HUGE and lasting impact on your REGION and your local church.

Grass roots reclaiming of all that has been stolen from us must begin in our homes. We cannot reform from the top down. The top was never what was stolen from us. They came for us piece by piece.

They used proxy warriors. They used blacks to break up Polish, Irish and Italian Catholic neighborhoods in Chicago. They used Muslims and Africans to destroy Swedish Protestant Minnesota. They used Yankees to eviscerate the South.

Waking up to being “white” was only ever the first step. We must take the next one or perish.

Get out of the cities, get out of California and return to where your people are from. Return to where your grandmother went to church (or if that church is beyond repair find the closest match you can).

Ayla, is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, home birthing, mother of six children. She holds a Master’s degree and is a former college liberal whose pro life and pro family values, along with the grace of God, led her to TradLife over a decade ago.
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