Homeschoolers Are White Supremacists According to Play Boy Magazine

Friends, let’s talk about slander and homeschooling.

First, if you don’t already follow @theres_noplacelike_home on Instagram, please do. She is reporting on ALL of this.

Nearly all the claims the mainstream press have made against me for years now, that I’m a “white supremacist” have come from my Christian conservative homeschooling views, as though they are one in the same.

I have asked reporters who have doxed my family and lied about myself and even lied about my children, “How do you sleep at night?” And they have justified everything, because they feel families like ours, who believe God loves EVERYONE, are a threat.

My family has literally thrown ourselves before the firing squad of public opinion to raise awareness and warn others about this issue.

Please, I urge you to continue to speak up. Don’t let the “white supremacist” phrase scare you.

Talk to your neighbors, your co-workers, your family and friends. Have the guts to deal with the far Left radicals who will try and make your life hell in order to preserve your right to teach your children about God, about family, about love, and about real life.

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