Love is the Only Way

I have been trying really hard to avoid the news, but it is with heavy heart that I learned this morning of a shooting at a synagogue in San Diego which left one woman dead and several injured.

In situations like this the balance between mourning the victim and condemning the evil of the shooter is overshadowed by the media and the elite’s lies and games and it breaks my heart.

We won’t be hearing the phrase “Passover worshippers” and we won’t hear people calling for kindness and empathy to the white male community.In times like these whatever I say will be twisted and misused by my media stalkers.

Even when I have tried to say nothing, they will write articles about how I said nothing.

So this is what I will say; Christ came. He died. He was resurrected.

Do not look to politics to solve your problems. Do not look to guns, or murder or death to solve your problems.

Look toward Christ alone.

Give everything to God. Your heartache, your loneliness, your frustrations, your longing, even your hate. Hang it all on the cross.

The Bible commands us to pray without ceasing. Pray for the synagogue, the woman, her family, the shooter, his family, and pray for our military and armed forces.Pray for everyone all the time. Don’t hold onto anger.

Point out what’s wrong, speak up, but don’t be filled with hate and anger. Be filled with love. Men fight and die not because they hate their enemy but because they love their family.

Love. Love. Love.

Not the modern, Satanic, false “love” you hear the media preach but REAL love. Christ centered love. Love is the only way.

The hero Rabbi who helped stopped the shooting has called for a solution to this hate and asked that we bring back prayer in school and he spoke with president Trump about this. Amazing! He is RIGHT.

(Artist: Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller 1858)