Easter (aka Pasq) ❤️ 

I think I’m going to start using the original name for Easter which is Pasq. It helps people understand that there is nothing pagan about “Easter” and that there is no “Eostre” Goddess, the word actually meant dawn or new beginning because Easter time came at the beginning of the year (according to the old ways of keeping time).

Bunnies and eggs aren’t pagan…

During Lent, the 40 days before Easter, early Christians fasted from all milk, meat and eggs. Orthodox Christians still do.

During that time the eggs needed to be preserved. The way to preserve eggs prior to refrigerators was to coat the shell with something so air cannot get in.

You can bury the egg in ash but that makes it taste funny so the preferred method was to paint the outside.

The painting became more detailed and elaborate over time. They would paint the eggs and then store them all over the house on shelves and in nooks and crannies.

On Easter the fast was over and they got to gather all the eggs and eat them on their feast.

The rabbits come from a similar place. Rabbit was the preferred meat of early European Christians because they were peasants and often didn’t have more than a small garden space of their own property on which to raise their own food. So rabbits were ideal for meat.

There is no Goddess Eostre/Ostara. When early Christians encountered and documented pagan beliefs, they made a false assumption.

All the months on the calendar were named for Gods and Goddess so they assumed there was an Eostre, named for the first month. However East means dawn or new beginning and the first month of the old calendar (which began in what we would now call spring) simply meant “beginning.”

There is no historical documentation of any Eostre Goddess.

Christianity is not a Hebrew faith nor is it not native to Europe…

My God choose to take on flesh within the Roman Empire and to pass God’s covenant to the Greeks.

Hebrews killed my God when He was in flesh and then He rose again because He is stronger than all their slavery to the Law.

Christ came to liberate the whole world from the Pharisees and He is the only one who can. Not Buddha, not Aloha Snack bar, not Odin, not Zeus. Only Christ.

For further study about Christian customs not coming from Paganism, I suggest starting here.