Orthodox Priest Attacked by Anti-Trumper!

Please pray! A Russian Orthodox Priest in the US has been the victim of a violent attack which left him struggling with hearing difficulty and required paramedic attention.

Last year, on my blog, I reported that several outlets, including Think Progress and the Purge movie series, have been normalizing violence against Russian Orthodox people in the US.

Following this normalization, last year, a Russian Orthodox Church in America was vandalized twice and now this attack on an elderly Priest.

This is a pattern of Leftists/Progressives/Communists normalizing violence against this traditional Christian Church.


UPDATE! This was an anti-Trump attack! The suspect said “How’s Trump” before striking the priest. The B Town blog reported…

“The King County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that Abbot Tryphon (pictured above) – a monk at the All-Merciful Saviour Orthodox Monastery on Vashon Island – was assaulted at at a Mobil Gas station in Burien at around 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 16.

Police say that the Abbot was pumping gas at around 11:30 a.m. at the station at 303 SW 148th Street (located just west of the Transit Center; map below) when an unknown white male approached him and made some type of comment like, “How is Trump?” The victim responded with “how should I know?”, then the suspect punched him once on the side of his face, knocking him to the ground.

The suspect fled the area, but was described as white, 5’10, thin build, in his 30’s and wearing a red or orange shirt.

Aid responded and treated the victim at the scene.

Obviously this is not the kind of welcome one would expect during Holy Week.

“I should be filled with rage against a brute who could perpetrate such an unwarranted attack against me, especially since I’d smiled at him, just prior to the sucker punch,” the Abbot said on his Facebook page Wednesday. “In my mind I assumed he was approaching me with a request for money, or wanting to know what I was. Since I try, with God’s help, to be kind to everyone, even trying to bring a smile on a stranger’s face by saying something self-effacing in an attempt to put them at ease, I was totally caught off guard by what he did to me.”

The Abbot says that he’s been left with a certain amount of hearing loss, ringing in his left ear, and reduced hearing in his right ear, along with an echoing sound.

“As a lover of classical music, I pray this will not be permanent,” he said. “I am also suffering from headaches, and general body pain.”

“Deputies were unable to locate the suspect, but again this case is open and an active investigation,” Sgt. Ryan Abbott told The B-Town Blog.”

Photos of the suspect have been released. You can view them here.