UPDATE! Call to Action! TradLife Attacked!

UPDATE! Thank you! After Etsy removed several of products as “hate symbols” including claiming a shamrock is a “white nationalist hate symbol,” all the products they removed have sold out to a private party! Thank you so much for your support! I have yet to hear back from Etsy but please continue reading below to see how you can write to Etsy to encourage them not to discriminate against whites, Christians and traditionalists.

Meanwhile, Etsy still features hundreds of items of “black pride,” “brown pride,” and Jewish nationalism.

Original story…


I need you to stop what you are doing right now and send an email to Sacha (integrity@etsy.com) at Etsy.

Etsy has removed multiple items from my store!

They are claiming that “trad” is “white supremacists!”

I wish I was joking! This is INSANE!

Fake News can lie about what the Trad Life movement has always been and then take away our right to commerce?!

We have to push back against this!

A mom can’t sell a tea towel with a shamrock on it anymore? It’s considered a “hate item?”

I cannot afford lawyers, I count on y’all to be my voice.

Please ladies and gentlemen, let your voice be heard!

Please share this and get the word out!

UPDATE! All the items have sold out to a private collector. The items added up to $88 before shipping. This may seem like a small amount but this adds up in the lives of working class people.