I love the romantic feel of an old fashioned carousel. ❤️

I’m glad when I ride on the carousel that I’m the rider and not the operator. I get to enjoy myself, look around, watch the children smile and never worry about what keeps the carousel operating.

I never see the hard work and maintenance that goes into the gears. For me, they just keep turning as the operator works his hardest to give the women and children a nice memory.

Sometimes our marriages can be like that. We forget all the hard work and sacrifices our husbands make to keep the gears of our family moving.

We are too busy enjoying the nice ride we are on, picking out which pony we want to ride or wiping a tear from the eye of a fitful child.

Husbands very rarely show their worry and stress to their wives. Be sure that when he does share, you listen with compassion and when he does not share, you keep his pressures in mind when he has a short word, a headache or a bad mood. Never forget all the hard work that keeps the ride moving. 😉

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