Grafting to Your Husband

Have you thought about your responsibility as a wife to graft yourself onto your husband’s family?

What a hard task this must have been back in Ruth and Naomi’s time and what a seeming impossibility in today’s world!

I know I have failed miserably at this. When I married my husband I joined his (maternal) family’s church, moved to the town of his birth, delivered muffins and surprise dinners to his extended family, honored his ancestor’s heritage and history and ….it didn’t work!

Oh, we got along just fine as a family but the over all cultural had changed so much that we could not raise a conservative family in that church or place.

Have you had this happen?

Times have changed. So few people honor their own traditions anymore. Have you felt as though you tried your best to get along with in-laws, or with your husband’s family or culture and had things not work out?

I think this is common for many of us.

However we choose to unite our families I feel it is crucial that we women understand that we become our husband’s.

We take HIS family’s name, we are continuing HIS family line in whatever place and time we can.

For my family it meant shifting focus and looking toward my husband’s paternal line and the legacy it had in places and cultures from Texas and Oklahoma as well as bringing in some of my family heritage to cover the gaps. Even having to reach back many many generations to continue traditions dropped long ago.

What things, ideas or notions have you found useful in grafting yourself to your husband’s family?

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