Instagram is Censoring Me for Reporting Left Wing Accounts Which Were Threatening Mass Shootings.

Over the weekend, a radical, far Left account, began commenting on a post I made about my son’s cute bedroom.

Because he had NRA magazines the person began going off about how they wanted my son to commit a mass shooting.

This sort of projection and posting on social media are common among those who *do* commit mass shootings and I asked my followers to report the, now deleted, account.

I woke up this morning to Instagram claiming that * I * made a violent comment they had to delete.

Note, they do not say what comment it was because I have NEVER posted a violent comment nor condoned violence of any kind, in fact, I made a post this weekend calling for greater compassion toward the Left because of the personal pain many of them have been through in their lives.

Insta is setting up to delete my account.

Please follow my back up @thenestbuilders, and most importantly, follow me on Alternative social media. and

Insta is literally putting lives in danger by silencing those calling for peace as “violent” and allowing those who do call for violence and who do commit violence, to thrive on their platforms.

They call good evil and evil good. Get the word out!