Boy’s Rooms, Milkmaid Braids, and Remembering Compassion

Shout out to my sweet 12-year-old who has the cutest space in his bedroom. #Rockwell art, #Jesus, yo-yos, foseball table, and gun magazines from our #NRA membership subscription. This child if after my own heart. He’s also the one who begs us to “go Mennonite” so he can have a horse and buggy 😂🤣 #tradlife

When hubby loves milkmaid braids, you wear the milkmaid braids 😘

Even though Clark Gabel married twice following his wife, Carole Lombard’s, untimely death in a plane crash, he choose to be buried next to Carole.

Just a reminder that we have no idea the pain and loss so many people in our world have been through. It’s easy to make fun of today’s Left, and many times they have earned it, but also keep the thought that Leftists are the product of several broken generations. While it’s no excuse for much of today’s totalitarian behavior, do not fall into the trap of believing that they are somehow “less than.” They are children of God too, His heart breaks for them. Don’t be foolish, but don’t always be dismissive either. Seek God’s miracles. I know I need to try harder at doing this personally. I pray the Lord has mercy on me for the times I fall short.