Re-introduction. Who am I?

I just learned about the concept of the re-introduction for people with social media followings. What a brilliant idea! Since most of my followers here, and elsewhere, haven’t been on this journey with me the whole time, many have no idea about my back story. So, here it goes….

I was born in the Appalachias but raised out West in Las Vegas, NV. I have a Bachelor’s degree in German with a minor in Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality as well as a certificate in International Studies. I am also a Yoga Alliance trained pre and post-natal yoga instructor (although I gave that up years ago).

I was raised in a very liberal environment, considered myself a liberal and feminist but always wanted to be a wife and homemaker. I struggled with infertility for four years and was told I may never get pregnant. I had my first child at age 24. He will be 16 this year.

After having my first child I began to question a lot of liberal and feminist talking points. During my graduate studies I was pregnant with my second child and I wrote my thesis on homebirth in the Mormon and Amish communities of America.

I found a lot of resistance among feminists for the ideas of homebirth and homemaking. That made me question feminism more and more. By the time I had my third child, feminism had nothing to offer me but hatred. I began reading about women who opposed feminism.

I had always been prolife, even while liberal, and that led me to reading the works of more and more conservative thinkers. I spent years in the New Age/Wiccan/Pagan movement but left it for Christianity in 2008.

I realized that my values of home, motherhood, birth, children, gender roles, etc were all actually “conservative” values and I began openly moving to the Right (which didn’t actually require much movement).

I realized around 2014 that young women were being so indoctrinated with feminism that they had no idea traditional life existed. I decided in my spare time to advocate for traditional life (#tradlife) on Twitter.

I ran into a problem with the character limit in explaining my back story to feminist who challenged me and said I knew nothing about feminism.

So, I made a series of YouTube videos explaining my backstory that I could give to feminists who claimed I was an ignorant, sheltered, Christian.

One push back I received from the Left, that I didn’t expect, was an attack on my race. I was constantly attacked and belittled for being white.

That is when I discovered the dark under belly of not only Twitter, but a whole narrative of thinking in Western Civilization that hated white people and openly discussed ridding the planet of them.

After much prayer I decided to speak out against this too. The main theme I chose was letting white people, especially young white people, know that white people do have a culture.

We have a heritage and it’s lovely and wonderful. Nothing to be ashamed of. Discussing #whiteculture and #tradlife on Twitter earned me a lot of followers and attention.

Suddenly I was being asked to appear on podcasts and popular YouTube shows. After discussing the issue s with my husband, he agreed that I should keep speaking out, even though it carried risk. The issues were too important.

Then Trump ran for President and it felt like the world exploded! LOL!

I openly supported Trump which made me a target, again. At this point I had picked up a dedicated stalker, who continues to stalk me to this day along with help from whatever bored trolls she can find online.

They began going to great lengths to discredit me. They faked blogs, faked social media accounts, photoshopped pictures and even spliced together podcasts I had been on to make fake recordings of me saying things I have never said. But God knows the truth and I answer only to Him, so I have never let the stalkers stop me from speaking out, in fact, I began advocating on behalf of other people being cyberstalked. I now use my platform to spread help and awareness regarding this growing problem. ❤️

My message can be summed up as this: God created the family and the nations. They are precious to Him. God loves all His children, they are of equal worth and value to Him and they all do best when living in traditional family units. That’s it.

I had support from a variety of different people, all around the planet. In March of 2016, shortly after having my 6th child, there was a media blitz which used the false concept of “the white supremacist housewife” for click bait & to foment further hate & divide in our country & that’s when I learned how truly fake the fake news is.

I would write posts about the equal worth & value, in the eyes of God, of all the races of people on Earth, & journalists would totally misquote it & say things like I was an avowed white nationalist & that I called for racial segregation.

Absolutely outrageous!!

I never even cussed on social media let alone called for hate or violence of any kind. But the media & the powers-that-be were in a desperate bid the stomp out growing patriotism, traditionalism & Christianity so I became and easy fall guy. After this I was invited to speak at a rally to save the General Lee statue in Charlottesville.

I couldn’t have imagined what it would balloon into. I agreed to speak, even traveled to within an hour of the location but ended up not attending (thank you God!).

My family spent the day an hour away eating at an Amish bakery & going to a park.

After the media blitz I picked up a couple of journalist stalkers too. People don’t know they exist & that they use all the same tactics as a traditional stalker & have all the same psychological issues as well.

I have had journalists try to hack my email accounts & call companies pretending to be me. Through all this, I turned hard to Christ. I decided not to take on anymore labels like “conservative” or “Republican” or “altright” because one day they mean something and the next day they can mean something else.

I’m a Christian. That’s the only label I need.

Twitter deleted my account when I was just shy of 40K followers. They gave no reason for the deletion. I had never violated their ToS.

We lost a lot of our savings, my husband had to change career fields & work harder to support us but we spoke God’s truth, & that’s all that matters. Many have found tradlife and Christ through my social media, and families have been born. ALL GLORY TO GOD 🙏❤️