YouTube Targets Disabled Children

This is the most amazing channel on YouTube. I’m speechless that they could do this to them. This is heart breaking.

People like myself have been warning about this for years. The media lies about us and big tech censors us. We told you they wouldn’t stop at Trump supporters and people they falsely label “white nationalists.” Now they have come for disabled children.

This won’t end. You can’t simply be “good enough.” You can’t just keep up with the new rules of Social Justice because this isn’t about social justice, it’s about tyranny and control.

They will keep lying, they will keep deplatforming. But it’s OK! This ends the second we want it to! Keep spreading the word, keep talking about this. Keep sharing, keep praying and keep supporting each other.

Civilization has met with tyranny many times, and so far, tyranny has lost. It will lose again.

God bless.