Do Nothing

Many are wondering today why there is so much evil in the world. Many are feeling upset, frustrated, confused, hurt.

They don’t understand what has happened to our countries, why there is so much of a divide and what they can do to truly help (not stir more hate like the mainstream media does).

Hear this: Do nothing.

I know it sounds strange but in the nothing, is everything.

Do nothing grand, do nothing dramatic.

Do everything simple and slow.

Just get married.

Have a lot of children.

Go to a real church.

Talk to your neighbor.

Vote your values.

Love your heritage.

Celebrate your culture.

Pass it to your children.

Be steadfast.

Let all hate go.

You can accomplish nothing of real value through hate. Men who march to war don’t do so because they hate what they are fighting, they do so because they love what’s back home.

Build a home to love. That’s the first step. #newzealand