How Do We Address Forced Vaccination?

A concerned follower on Instagram asked me how can we address the issue of forced vaccination when so many people will not even tolerate on honest discussion on the topic. This was my response…

I hear you. It is really scary how completely psycho some people will become on this topic. I’m not even opposed to vaccines across the board, but I do think the way we currently vaccinate is wrong for many reasons and have a lot of sincere questions that, after 15 years if asking, no pro- vaccine person can answer me. They just hurl insults and block me.

I think the way to go about this is not to parade your personal views on vaccines around but to really come at this as a freedom issue, because, ultimately, that’s what it is.

It isn’t even about the vaccines themselves, it’s about the moral, tyrannical, polical and spiritual implications of the government being allowed to forcibly inject us with things we do not consent to.

The next step is forced generic altering of our bodies without consent.

Time to get rid of those pesky “heterosexuality” or “white European” or even “male” genetics.

The slippery slope is not a logical fallacy and we must prove that to even to all people.