My CPAC Alternative

I’m grateful for my colleagues who could stomach attending CPAC. I spent my week very near to there but a world away, in Williamsburg Virgina. My family dates back 15 generations to the founders of Jamestown.

While I believe that politics has a time and a place I am blessed to focus on my family and faith this week and teach my children about their people and heritage.

My work and activism seeks to accomplish many of the same goals as my friends at CPAC who are speaking about important causes and freedoms with our nation’s representatives but I take a different route.

This route.

The family route.

Sharing that route has been effective. So effective that many social media platforms have banned me for posts exactly like this one.

Don’t allow yourself, as I have in the past, to get TOO wrapped up in politics.

Man cannot save us. No system of government can save us. No social media can save us.

Reclaiming God’s #natural design for families, focused on salvation in Christ will save us.

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