Amish Parenting Secrets

When people ask about my parenting style and how I developed it, I tell them that I mostly parent the way the Amish do. I have used many resources over the last twenty years, here are some easy ones you can view this weekend along with what I found most valuable as well as what I gleaned from them.

About an hour long, The Secret Life of the Amish documentary by the BBC gives an intimate look into the life of an Amish family who consented to be filmed.

What I learned or remembered….

– Tell your children “God Bless you”

– Honor your husband

– Smile while working hard

– Be self sufficient as much as possible

– If you take time with you children today they will have time to meet your needs in the future

– Rules don’t save you, Christ does

– Play with your children

– Sing your children to sleep

– Keep a clean home and enjoy your work

The World’s Squarest Teenagers.

Several hours long this follows five Amish teenagers touring through England and spending time with “normal” teenagers. I learned soooo much from this one I don’t think I could list it all but here are some highlights…

– Education is about teaching the heart of your child to value real things, not whether or not they know the names of celebrities.

– We must teach our children to be apologists for Christ not just shelter them

– Look to the Bible for all things and when in doubt call your mom

– Raise kids who work in a barn and they’ll prefer it to video games

– Work, work, work with your children, outside preferably

– When you dress immodestly and cause a man to lust after you in his heart you are part of that adultery that is committed through thought

– You cannot help it if a bird lands on your head (a bad thought) but you can keep it from making a nest (harboring bad thoughts).

– Siblings should stick together and watch out for each other

– Rock music when played next to plants will kill them, what must it be doing to your body?

– If someone asks you what your favorite part of the Bible is, have a lengthy answer from your intimate knowledge of it and time spent with the scriptures

– Encourage your friends toward righteousness

– Avoid conflict and arguments at all cost but spread the gospel whenever you can

Watch these. Be inspired. Then get up clean and work hard 🙂