Sunshine Basket

I put together a sunshine basket today.

Please continue to pray for “J” a young mother from my church who is having unbelievable and serious health struggles right now.

I know I have shared some of my sunshine baskets here on my blog before. They are a great, all-purpose, gift basket.

I have made them as get well baskets as well as for events like such as losing a pet or a serious relationship break up.

The idea is to collect items that are of use to the person in need while at the same time keeping a cheery, yellow, theme.

So, today, this basket contains an adult coloring book (good boredom buster for long hospital stays, also doubles as a child distraction for visitors), a notebook (for writing thoughts, prayers, working through fears, etc.), banana chips (a healthy snack, which is especially nice for those eating hospital food for so long), an aromatherapy candle, a mug, some Kind bars, a little chocolate, a body brush (feels great for those who are bedridden!), a bath bomb, and my number one favorite gift to give both people who are ill as well as new moms – dry shampoo and lipgloss!!

You feel like a new woman with a touch of dry shampoo and a little lipgloss! Be well, fam!