EXPOSED: Vaccine deep state plot to seize and criminalize all vaccine skeptics – Brighteon

I have never said this before so I want to be precise and clear.

This is the most important issue facing us right now.

I know some of you might not believe it or understand it but I had a dream that this was coming and I am not one who is into prophecies or dreams -at all.

However, recently, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to reveal to me, in a dream, what the most pressing issue to humanity was right now (outside of finding salvation in Christ) and this was what I dreamed about.

The next day it hit the news.

When you lose the freedom of what you can and can not put in your body, what alterations you can and cannot make to your MIND, you lose control over everything Earthside and that can have grave eternal consequences.

Update: Some people have asked me what my opinion is on vaccines. Let me be clear.

I am NOT anti-vaccine.

I am pro vaccine freedom.

My views actually are in the middle.

Do some vaccines work? Probably, yes.

But are they full of toxic chemicals and are we given unneeded vaccines like Gardasil and Chicken Pox? Yes.

Can the decreased mortality rate in children 100 years ago be better explained through sanitation than vaccination? Yes.

Have we been lied to about the severity of former childhood illnesses like mumps and measles? Yep.

But are there potential serious side effects from measles and mumps including death, for some children? Yep.

I come down on the side of choosing a few important vaccines and delaying and spacing them out.

However, it’s nearly impossible to find a doctor who will do that which brings us to the next series of questions.

Are vaccines (whether good or bad) currently being used to create laws and precedent that removes our sovereignty over our own bodies and is this a deliberate and calculated move on the part of the ruling elite? Yes, 100%.

So, the issue for me is, each person has to decide which vaccines they want to give their child and that should be a fair and informed decision they make with their doctor.

The state should not be involved ON ANY LEVEL.

So, am I anti-vaccine? No. Am I pro-vaccine in their current form? No.