Covington Catholic School Student Was Not Smirking He Was “Praying Silently Inside His Head.”

Nick Sandmann,the high school junior caught in the middle of a media firestorm this weekend at the March for Life Rally, has issued a public statement.

In it he reveals more details including the fact that black men from a fringe religious group, had provoked the exchange by yelling racial slurs at the children who responded by singing their school cheer.

When the Indian drummer appeared and began drumming in his face, Mr. Sandmann says that he was saying a silent prayer in his head because he is a devout Christian and Catholic.

He smiled so that the drumming protestors would know he was not angry. Mr. Sandmann was attempting to defuse the tense situation.

He also revealed that he has now been receiving death threats. (Something my family and I also know all too well.)

God bless Mr. Sandmann and his family for the bravery they have shown through this ordeal.

As I continue to build up the #ReclaimNormal campaign I hope we, as Westerners and especially Americans, can begin pooling resources to help one another during outrageous Twitter hunts and fake news lies.

Read Mr. Sandmann’s full statement here…